Block Clearing – Perth Clients Get The Ground Clear For Different Reasons

While people living in Perth don’t want to clear land indiscriminately, there are also instances when land clearing is necessary. This involves the removal of trees, stumps, and other types of obstructive vegetation to level out the ground, making it ready for whatever its purpose may be. When it comes to block clearing, Perth clients may have any of the following valid reasons for ordering a piece of land to be cleared:

block clearing perth

  • Building – Developers often call on contractors for block clearing. Perth has plenty of construction projects in the works, so whether a house or another kind of building is to be erected, the land has to be cleared so that the developer can prepare the site for construction. This may be done wide scale for subdivisions or small scale on individual plots of land.
  • Asset Protection Zones – Block clearing is also necessary for places like schools and government buildings. These are areas that need to be protected at all costs; clearing the land around them is imperative so that they wouldn’t be affected by threats of bushfires.
  • Fire breaks – Just because a property is not considered APZ, it doesn’t mean that measures shouldn’t be taken to protect it from a fire. Individual land owners may contact a contractor to clear areas that will serve as fire breaks.
  • Trails – Some private and public properties may also require block clearing in order to establish trails, which could also double as fire breaks. Either way, the important thing is to have every bit of flammable element removed.
  • Farm expansions and paddock clearing – Block clearing is often necessary if a farm wants to better manage its land or if it wants to expand its paddocks. Large scale clearing is usually called for in this regard.
  • Clearing for the sake of clearing – At times, the main purpose is to tidy up. If an area has plenty of debris and deadwood to be removed, it may be a big enough undertaking to constitute a block clearance project.

Perth contractors typically find themselves taking on numerous block clearing requests each year. It is bushfire country, after all, so the government and individual property owners are wont to create fire breaks to spare land and buildings from the ravages of a fire.

Whatever may be the purpose for clearing land, it’s important to hire a service that executes work safely and efficiently with qualified personnel and the right machinery.

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