Block Paving Installation

Block Paving Installation

Many paving options are there to keep up with your desire to be different. These pattern options are a plenty because they come in many colors, shapes, sizes and are made with all sorts of materials. The shapes in particular can be a mixture

  • Square
  • Circular
  • Rectangular
  • Octagonal
  • Diamond shape
  • Star shaped

A rule of thumb is that the pattern chosen should complement the space or area in which is to be paved. Pavers are most commonly used as an outside flooring to bring out the actual beauty of the home.

The majority of people will decide to choose pavers depending on how nice and eye catching they look however it is a much wiser idea to think about the pattern in which it is going to be laid. The reason why is because making sure the correct laying pattern is chosen will very likely keep costs down for the job especially if on a certain budget.

Your Pattern Guide

You should equip yourself with minimum knowledge of paving patterns and their basics before you start working on paving installations. Keep in mind that if clay pavers are laid at an angle of 45 degree to the exterior of the building the paved area would look smaller and more compact than in reality. However if you wish to show that the paved area is bigger than it actually is, then the pavers should be laid according to the  90 degree laying format.

Some Popular Paving Patterns

Generally three basic paving patterns are used assuming that the clay pavers or bricks are rectangular in shape. However there are some irregular shaped clay pavers like the wedge shaped ones that are used to create curved or circular paving patterns.

The three most commonly used paving pattern for driveways, walkways or patios are the Herringbone, Basket Weave and the Stretcher Bond patterns.


There are two basic types of Herringbone patterns. They are 45 degree and 90 degree patterns, which are widely used for paving medium or large areas and they create a highly intense visual impact. The 45 degree Herringbone pattern is suitable for driveways, patios and walkways and when they are laid down with a striking clay paver edging they present an eye-catching sight. The 90 degree Herringbone pattern has a very subdued look. They are great for path ways and driveways. Both the 45 and the 90 degree Herringbone patterns are perfect for large vehicles at the home. Vehicles can hit the brakes, speed up, turn or screech as they please if driveways are paved with Herringbone paving patterns.

Basket Weaves

This is an eye catching pattern and may be used in matching and contrasting colors to create a delightful visual impact. When contrasting colors are used they create an impressive checkered look. However this pattern is slowly going out of fashion. This is highly recommended for creating a historical look. If you are interested in creating a dated English landscaping pattern and design then, Basket Weaves is the ideal choice for you.

Stretcher Bond Pattern

Stretcher Bond Pattern is the most used, easy to lay, neat and simple type for residential purposes including pathways, driveways, sidewalks, patios and courtyards. The side by side lay out gives this pattern a neat and organised look. It is the easiest pattern to lay down and it is also the most cost effective, as it affords minimum wastage. This pattern may help your pathway to look longer or wider as desired by you.

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