A Brief Guide to Technistone Quartz Worktops

Technistone-quartz-worktopsTechnistone is one of the finest range of quartz stones available. Available in a wide range of colors, this stone offers high porosity and superior resistance against other common stone faults such as stains, dings, scratches and is very hygienic to use. The following post explores the properties and benefits of this stone, and helps you understand where they can be used best. Read on to know.

Technistone is a high-quality quartz stone that is manufactured by combining natural, pure quartz stones with the latest mixing and pressing technologies. The properties of Technistone, makes it more than suitable for the modern and contemporary home décor. Widely used in exteriors and interiors, Technistone quartz stones offer a wide range of colors and finishes to choose from, giving a lot of flexibility to users, to customize it according to their needs and requirements.

Technistone quartz stones have zero porosity, which makes them a very hygienic stone. They are suitable for a wide range of food processing activities, when used as worktops. Be it chopping vegetables or fruits or beating steaks or kneading dough, Technistone makes for a smooth and hygienic surface to perform all kinds of food processing activities. Because of its zero porosity, this engineered stone has become one of the most popular and highly sought after quartz worktops amongst designers and interior decorators in London.

Technistone_materialTechnistone quartz offers superior resistance to acidic spills, scratches, dings and cracks. Made using more than 90% quartz stones, grounded and mixed together with resins and pigments, with the help of the latest mixing and pressing technologies, Technistone quartz are made to last. The properties of this stone makes it ideal not just for kitchen worktops but as also for window sills, stairs, tiling, bathrooms and for various other interior aspects. The stone comes with a lifetime guarantee and is sure to yield a good ROI.

Available in a wide range of color and finish choices, Technistone initially gained traction with its sparkly mirror range of quartz stones in a variety of outrageous colors. However later included various plain, mainstream plain colors such as beige, black, white, etc. and granite-mimicking finishes as well. Technistone range of quartz stones are often confused for granite because of which they are referred by many, as – the granite range of quartz stones. Venetian Sunset and Taurus Nordic are two popular variants in this collection. However, the Starlight Series continue to hold the majority of the market share with respect to popularity, with its sparkly mirror stones in sharp and bright color options.

To ensure that the brilliance of the Technistone quartz stones reflects and brightens up your interiors, ensure you get them installed from the experienced professional installers only. Not installing the stone well will rip apart the sheer beauty and brilliance of this engineered stone. That said, the Technistone range of quartz stones are almost identical to natural stone and in some aspects, even better.

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Erin Emanuel