Bright Ideas for Your Rooms

Your home is the place where you’ re likely to spend the most time and so understandably, you will want to make sure that each room is comfortable and stylish and most importantly, exactly how you want it to look.

Below is a guide to some bright and simple ideas for your home that can really make a big difference in terms of appearance and atmosphere.

Choose the Right Shape Furniture
Choosing the right shape of furniture for the space is crucial and obviously has a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the room. This is particularly true in the lounge or living room.

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If your lounge is big then you may wish to consider a corner sofa. These are very fashionable and are a great use of the space. A smaller more conventionally shaped sofa may be more appropriate for a smaller lounge.

Maximize Light
Maximizing light is another factor to remember when decorating and designing your home. It is proven that people enjoy spending time in lighter rooms and in a bright room; the atmosphere can feel very different, particularly if the light is natural.

An easy way to maximize outdoor light is by adding mirrors for your home. This works very well in darker hallways, as the mirrors reflect the light from the windows.

Image Credit: Mike Cogh

Image Credit: Mike Cogh

You may also want to consider adding electric lights to different areas in the home. The kitchen can greatly benefit from under-cabinet lighting, as it allows you to see your work surfaces much easier.

Thinking about accessories is another helpful idea for different rooms. If you have quite simple decor, then accessorizing with patterned pieces can really compliment the look and add a little quirkiness to the room.

Whether you want to accessorize with small touches such as cushions, photo frames and ornaments, or you decide to invest in patterned pieces of furniture, accessorizing is a wonderful idea for your rooms.

De-clutter and Use Storage
Finally, de-cluttering is another fantastic tip to remember when sorting out your home. Rooms with a lot of clutter out can not only look very messy, but they also make the entire room appear a lot smaller. Maximizing the space in your rooms is very important, as people enjoy spending time in larger, clearer spaces.

An easy way to de-clutter is by investing in storage. There are so many different types of storage to choose from that you will definitely be able to find something that will suit your home. If you have less floor space, but quite high ceilings then buying wall storage is a great idea. Whether that’s simply shelves, horizontal cup boards, or tall storage on top of cupboards, this kind of solution can look stylish and serve a great purpose.

Another great space saving storage tip is to buy multi-purpose furniture. You may wish to invest in a bed with drawers underneath or chairs where the base lifts up revealing yet more of storage room underneath. This kind of furniture is great as it kills as it not only looks great but is practical too.

There are lots of great ideas and easy tips that can really help you when it comes to styling and designing your home. These bright ideas for your rooms are fantastic snippets of advice to remember when looking to revitalise your home.

Author Bio: John Maguire is an employee at the Harrods branch of Bo Concept – specialists in designer furniture.

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