Brighten Up Your Home with Sunflowers

Sunflowers are big, beautiful flowers that spread warmth and joy all over around. Therefore, whether you place them in the foyer or on the kitchen counter, your day will get better the moment you enter the room. 

So, if you’re in need of a recharge and want to do so with sunflowers, here are a few ways you can use them to put a smile on the face of all the people in your home (sunflowers are generally loved by everyone).


Beautiful Arrangements

The go-to way is to use sunflowers as part of an amazing arrangement that combines several colors in a beautiful and joyous combination. Moreover, you can make the arrangement yourself, or you can order sunflowers from a specialized shop like

While it can be a lot of fun to put the flowers together yourself, you may want to let specialists work their magic if you’re offering the arrangement to someone else or using it for the office. 

PS: A cute way to highlight the beauty of your sunflowers is to combine them with green plants or white flowers. The yellow color will simply shine in such a mixture! 

Use Original Containers

Another great thing about sunflowers is that they look amazing in any type of container (as long as they have enough room and water). Therefore, you can put them in transparent jars (if you change the water daily), metallic containers (like a vintage milk jug or even a bucket), or even a vase filled with lemons (to create a bigger splash of yellow). 

If you have a sunflower bud that didn’t make it through the transport, you can still save it if you place it in a bowl of water. As the flower opens up, you’ll get a beautiful tiny sunflower boat floating on the clear water surface.

Paint Them 

What could be more relaxing than enjoying a few hours by yourself, with a glass of your favorite beverage, and a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers on your table? Making a painting, of course!

Painting is an incredibly relaxing activity and if you pair it with a beautiful image and a bit of quiet time, it’s all it takes to recharge your batteries for a new week of hard work. Even more, you’ll be left with a beautiful painting (proof of your creative side) of your sunflowers, which will help brighten up the home for as long as you want!

Bedroom vs Living room

Because they are so welcoming, most people like to place sunflowers either in the living room or the foyer, where everyone can enjoy them. Still, you can be a bit selfish and place a few sunflowers in your bedroom or reading nook. Even if they are big flowers, sunflowers can successfully be included in your bedroom decorations and can happily sit in a corner – they’re not pretentious. 

Wrap Up

In summary, sunflowers are extremely versatile flowers and can be used in all sorts of decorations at home or the office. Moreover, you can offer them as part of an arrangement or as the main attraction and everyone will be happy to receive them! 

Erin Emanuel