3 Quirky Ways to Brighten Up Your Home

Studies have shown that a brighter home makes us happier people.  This isn’t a particularly surprising or revelatory thing to discover, but what is something of a surprise is that many people know it but don’t do anything about it.

In fact, there are many people that go in the opposite direction and pick up on design and decorating trends that sees them using darker colours and creating moodier, melancholy rooms in their home.

brighten up your home


Brightening Up Your Home

Before we look at the quirky ways you can brighten up your home, we should also think about the “quick wins” that you have at your disposal, which you can utilise before you start reaching for the paintbrush and begin to decorate.

One simple idea is to take a minimalist approach in terms of what is in and around your home. Have a look around at your furniture; do you need and use everything you have around your home or could you easily remove some of the clutter from your space. Other easy ideas are to look at the type of curtains you use, or the colour and style of your blinds, particularly if you have a house that isn’t exposed to natural sunlight.

They all work, but what about if you want to have fun and try out some quirky decorating?

Bright Coloured Walls

There are two approached to take here: you can have bright coloured walls that are all the same colour, or you can opt for different colours all around the room. We prefer the latter, and it works particularly well if you have an odd-shaped room and have six or seven walls at different angles that you need to bring to life.

Embracing such a trend is statement design at its best, and goes far beyond simply using a statement wall feature. Statement walls are still a great interior design choice, but everyone is doing it these days, and you don’t want your interior to be the same as everyone else’s, do you?

Revisit Your Wall Decorations

You can put this tip into practice whether your current wall colours are drab and tired looking or if you have already decided on going for the bright coloured walls option as recommended just now.

If you have old looking paintings or photos on your wall, it might be time to take these down. If you’re looking to brighten up a particular area of your home, such as your living area, you can always relocate your old photos to the kitchen or display them on the stairs, for example.

Then, you can go for quirky wall art designs or abstract art – an abstract family portrait is a great idea – to lift your room and bring your home to life.

Buy Bright Fabrics

Some people love having throws, rugs, and using fabric throughout their home design, and it is a great way to get creative without feeling like you’ve commissioned a full on interior overhaul of your home.

If you don’t want to go all out with redecorating or moving furniture, simply go for throws and other fabric products that are available in bright colours, cover your sofa, chairs, and even use it on cabinets and coffee tables in order to create a brighter, standout design.

What are your thoughts on these quirky home décor ideas? If you try them out yourself, take some photos and come back so we can share what they look like with others!

This article was provided by Robert from UK-based business Wall Art. Wall Art specialise in creating high quality wall vinyls and bespoke wall canvases and acrylics that can be used as a great home brightening décor idea in any room.

Erin Emanuel