Budget Friendly Packing and Removals Tips

If you are moving house in the near future and working on a tight budget, chances are the cost of moving is something you are keen to minimize as much as possible. Luckily there are some steps you can take to help keep the cost of moving down and ensure you get the best value from your removals company. Here are some key tips to take into consideration:

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• Choosing professionals may not be as expensive as you think: Professionals are able to pack the van more efficiently, organise your belongings more safely and get things moved more quickly than you would on your own. They will provide insurance, cover the fuel and ensure there is adequate van space and enough manpower to get you moved on the day.

• Get an assessment: Getting someone around to assess the amount of van space required for the move is usually free of charge from any house removal company Bath based. Taking this step will ensure you get just the right sized van for your needs and are not paying too much for a large vehicle that you don’t need.

• Pay the right way: You will usually have a choice of paying by the hour or paying a fixed fee for half a day or whole day. Which is right for you will depend on your needs and the amount of stuff you have to move, as well as the distance you are moving.

• Take it apart: If your furniture comes to pieces, then take it apart ahead of moving day. This will reduce the time your movers have to spend getting things into a condition to put into the van, and therefore the amount you end up paying them.

•  Check the doorways: Check your doorways are going to be wide enough for large pieces of furniture such as sofas and tables. If you wish to move furniture without taking it apart but it doesn’t fit through, you may need to remove doors in order to get things out. You can do this before your movers arrive to save some money on the move.

•  Clean, dry and drain appliances: Things like washing machines, fridges and freezers need to be disconnected, cleaned and dried before they are moved. Similarly garden furniture should be dismantled and dried before moving day so it can go straight into the van.

• Pack clever: Boxes for packing should be good quality, sturdy moving boxes. Pack heavy items at the bottom and don’t make boxes too heavy. Time spent repacking inadequately packed boxes is time wasted and extra expense, so get it right the first time. Fill boxes up to avoid them getting crushed when stacked, but use lightweight items such as duvets and cushions to fill the space if the box is getting heavy.

Get the right insurance: Any house removal company Bath householders can choose will offer some insurance for the move, but it is down to you to ensure that this insurance is adequate for the items you are moving. High value items, antiques or musical instruments may not be covered, so don’t scrimp on ensuring these pieces have adequate protection for the move.

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  1. Indeed, hiring professionals to help you with your moving requirements mat not be as expensive as many think. There are several companies that offer very reliable services at affordable rates if we just search for them. Anyway, these tips you have shared are very helpful. Thank you for posting.

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