Budget Friendly Tricks to Make Your Home Look Luxurious

Most people would agree that the interiors of a home are way more important than the exteriors. You live inside and spend most of your life there, so it makes sense to get the interiors done just right. But getting your pad to look classy and nice doesn’t always mean you have to go out and splurge like there’s no tomorrow.

Here are some simple ways you can make your apartment look elegant without spending too much. Your budget-friendly ways to make your home look nice and luxurious.

Crown Moldings

A lack of crown moldings is what makes most homes look super average. The walls need (or cry out for) detailing that works. You may need to get the ceiling and walls together nicely if you want to avoid that unclean, unfinished look. It’s relatively cheap and easy to get a wide enough trim to make the walls look stunning.


Panel Art Trio

Three is a magical number and having three separate pieces of art come together to form a cohesive masterpiece is a great way to add some luxury to your apartment without the need to spend too much extra. The best way to do this is to print a free version of a famous art piece online and laminate it. Try to get a quality print from a laser printer and you’re sorted.

Optical Illusions

The human eye is easily tricked into believing what it’s seeing is real. You can take advantage of this by putting mirrors in a small room to give it the illusion of space and by painting the walls white to allow more sunlight to bounce off of it to create the same effect. There are tons of other ways you can use optical illusions to make your home look more luxurious.

Less is more

There is a reason minimalism has caught on in the past few years. The less there is in a rooms the bigger and cleaner it appears to be. Not only is a clean and sparse room elegant, it is also logically low-maintenance. This is evident from the range of minimalistic furniture you can opt for at IKEA and other more mainstream home shopping centers.

Go Bold

Every room needs some point that catches the attention of the person entering. This ‘focal point’ is essential and to get it right you will need some sort of artwork or elegant looking furniture taking up space in the middle of the room. Try to be creative and artistic in this approach and seek help from expert interior designers if you need. There are a number of ways you can get your place to look better for cheap.

Hardwood over carpet


There are a lot of options for hardwood floors that can scream out luxury and make the whole room comes alive. Carpets tend to be expensive to buy, hard to maintain without Bliss Carpet Cleaning and remarkably mainstream in some parts of the country. Hardwood, on the other hand, can make the room cleaner with straight lines and excellent decor.

Affordable furniture and pillows

You can thank IKEA for bringing this concept to the country. The superstore has made good looking, well-designed furniture easy to get and simple to install. To make a room look good you need some classy furniture and thanks to the power of globalization, this is very much within reach for anyone, regardless of the budget. Pillows too can be bought for very cheap and can give you the best value for money.

Hang curtains high

Longer curtains are a simple way to make the room look grander and bigger than it actually is. This goes well with massive windows as it adds an illusion of space to the room. It is a very clear-cut and simple way to make the whole house scream out luxury.

Paint Attractive Colors

The paint on your walls can make all the difference. A light paint, preferably white can make the whole room livelier and more vibrant. This appeals to the eyes and adds a touch of luxury to every corner. Other paint finishes, if pulled off correctly, can also be of great help. Since paint it essential, a change in texture or hue can make a whole lot of difference for very little money.


One of the simplest and least thought of ways to keep the house looking luxurious is to keep it all clean by using different cleaning methods. Tidy up whenever you get a chance and move the house furniture to clean every nook and cranny. A tidy house looks well put together and this will add to the sense of space and luxury. Dust and vacuum the place so that the finishing touches you put are all clearly visible.


Erin Emanuel