How to Build a Custom Home Without the Large Price Tag

A cookie cutter house will just not do when you want a home that showcases your own unique taste. Building a custom home, however, may be out of your budget. The fact is you can build a custom home without the large price tag when you consider the following tips:



Hire Professional Builder

Without a professional, certified home builder, you will most likely go over budget. Their experience is invaluable. You may wish to alleviate the cost associated with a professional builder, but they will have contacts with both subcontractors and suppliers which can save you a lot of money in the end. They can make sure things get built properly and use good materials so you have to find money for repairs later on.

Stick to the Plan

Once you finalize the blueprints for your custom home, stick to the plan. Any change to the plan can easily cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Your budget success is going to depend on you making the decision and not changing your mind during the building process. If there are any changes, be sure to take a look at your budget and cut back in other areas so you can stay within your budget.

Save on Site Work

Preparing your site for building can be expensive. By choosing a piece of land that needs minimal work, you can save thousands of dollars on preparation. However, this could mean a more expensive lot. To get around this, consider choosing a lot that fits into your plans. For example, if you want a daylight basement, a lot with high slopes would be more suitable.

Use Salvaged Materials

In many instances, salvaged materials, including wooden doors, beams, and bricks, are much cheaper than buying new. You may even find you can get them for free as long as you tear down the building and move them yourself. You will also find that this is a great way to build a home that has character.

Splurge Where It’s Important

You may want to splurge on everything from the flooring and countertops to the lighting and the fixtures. This can lead to you quickly going over budget. Instead, splurge where it matters. Doors, windows, and roofing are going to keep your home safe and secure. Anything that will increase the value of your home or save you on utilities should be considered first.

Monitor the Build

It is also important to monitor the build of your home. Everyone, including professional home builders, can make mistakes. Even one small mistake could possibly set you back thousands of dollars. By keeping a watchful eye, you can be sure you stay on budget. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if something doesn’t look right.

A custom home can cost thousands of dollars more than a standard build. It is very possible, though, to build one with a much smaller price tag by simply taking everything into account and putting your money where you find it most important. Informational credit to K Gordon Construction.

Erin Emanuel