How to build a safe Tree house?

Are you the one who get bored of living in bungalow, apartment or flat? Moving away to the beach house can be the option but still it is not enough. In that case, you can build a tree house. It is an activity of building a house up in the trees to varying degrees. Building tree houses is indeed fun and bonding activity, one can do with the friends and family. They provide an exceptional and ultimate hangout as the spot is surrounded by the nature.  They exist in backyard and camps, ranging from basic to luxurious to offer a wide range of benefits. Apart from roof and windows, they can also provide the luxuries of electricity, air conditioner, plumbing, solar lighting and internet access. One of the key benefits of tree houses are they can be built without having the trees to be cut down in order to built a room.

Tree House

However, when building the tree house you need to plan certain things carefully to avoid unnecessary money and to ensure complete safety. Before you begin your plan, check with your local authorities whether there are any restrictions on building a tree house.

What should be the first step?

At first, you need to choose a tree and decide a suitable position for your tree house. Have a clear picture in your mind, what you want from your tree house i.e. and an adult’s hideaway or playing area for the children. If you have to build a tree house for the children, it is always recommended to keep it close to the ground.

Then, Choose the Design: 

It is imperative to have a firm picture of your dream tree house. Today, there are many tree houses supplies available online or else if you are knowledgeable enough about building, you can create at your own. Don’t forget to make the accurate measurements in order to ensure that the design work with the tree you have selected. While creating your design, don’t overlook the importance of tree growth. Have some ample space around the trunk of the tree so that it can grow easily. It is always worth to do a thorough research on a specific tree to get an idea for its growth rate.

Know its level of support: Though there are many ways to support the tree house, it is important to bear in mind that trees always move with the wind. So make certain the house has sliding joists or brackets in order to avoid the damage caused by the winds. There are three main steps to support your tree house and they are:

  • First, sink support post into the ground close to the tree instead of attaching anything to the tree.
  • Don’t use beams to support a tree house but use proper materials.
  • At last comes the suspension method. One can easily suspend the tree house from high branches by using ropes and chains. However, it is not an ideal method for the tree houses which are intended to carry a significant weight.

Carefully decide the access method: Before you start to build your tree house, it is important to decide its access method. It should be safe and sturdy. Some of the safer methods of access for a tree house are rope ladder, standard ladder and the staircase.

Author’s Bio: Diana enjoys writing on home improvement and house plans. She also works as a marketing consultant for number of companies. Her interest includes environmental health and justice and conservation biology.

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