10 Reasons Why Building a House is Not Possible without an Architect

Every person has his or her own dreams and conceptualization with regards to how their home must look. A house of one’s own is one of the highly sought goals in a person’s life; after all it is going to be proof of their long years of hard work and dedication to their career. So why do people shy from hiring an architect and then regret this decision later. The primary reason is faulty thinking. For some reason, they have a strong belief that professionally architects are just too expensive and are meant only for the super rich. One could not be further from the truth. Remember, a construction without the supervision of an architect can become a source of recurring expenses that can prove costlier than hiring a professional. The following 10 key points will help highlight the importance and change your wrong assumptions.



1 – Who else has the training and Education other than an Architect?

Your local contractor will definitely make big claims on how many building he has already constructed and how you have made the right decision in not hiring any other person.  In this type of scenario the contractor has everything to gain and you stand everything to lose!

Local contractors do not have the training and qualification to design, to know about sustainability, to know about any alternate materials or the best material for your site, various ways of landscaping, various advanced and modern construction techniques and much more. Yet, he will brag about his experience to make a quick buck. No amount of contracting, construction deals can match up to a good architectural education.

2 – What are Your Alternatives?

You cannot seriously be thinking about designing the house yourself, especially if you have no prior experience. Houses are not constructed by looking at a picture in a magazine. There are a lot of technicalities involved. You must get the right permits, have the right drawings, and be sure that you have completed all the required paperwork before commencing construction or a government order may halt your work.

There are just so many things to consider that the entire tasks can become quite overwhelming to do on your own, unless of course, you have an architectural degree too!

3 – There is bound to be obstacles during construction

The moment a construction begins; there are bound to be some problems such as the unavailability of the required materials, workers being absent or not following instructions properly, any damages or accident on site, any other obstacle that is interfering with the implementation of the conceptualized design. It is only the architect that has the necessary problem solving skill in all the areas.

4 – Only the Professional Can Look At the Big Picture

For an ordinary individual, it is not possible to imagine how one can achieve the big picture and what are the requisite steps and processes needed to reach the goal. It is the architect’s job to put all the pieces together and arrive at the total that seems to be unattainable by an ordinary soul.


5 – Knowledge about Lowering Costs

The trained professional who has had a certain number of experience has many contacts from whom he or she regularly purchases construction materials. Therefore, the chances of him or her getting the best deal or price on them on your behalf is much stronger than if you go and purchase the same materials.

Moreover, professionals also know techniques by which total cost can be reduced. They know advanced technique to get certain jobs done faster that will reduce your labour cost. Hence, although the architect’s fees may seem high in the beginning; if you consider the long term implications then you will realize that your overall cost is actually much less because of your hiring the professional.

6 – Communication between Different Channels Become Easy

When a construction is underway; there are a lot of people who need to interact with each other, such as engineers, designers, workers, supervisor, material supplier, the client himself or herself, the government and perhaps a few more. The architect is your single point of communication that saves you the hassle of interacting with so many people single handedly.

7 – Eco-friendly constructions 

Everyone should do their bit to save the environment and you will of course want to do your bit too. However, do you think you have the expertise to understand and know whether you are affecting the environment in any way through the use of any building material or technique; do you know what techniques and materials are considered eco-friendly. If your answer is no, then you have no option but to contact an architect.

8 – Social Responsibilities

Now, apart from your responsibility towards keeping the environment safe; you also have a social obligation. The design must be such that it does not affect your neighbours in any negative way and that during the construction process too, the architect will ensure with a proper fencing and signboards that nearby homes and passersby are safe and that in realizing your dream, the whole activity does not become a nightmare for others.

9 – Exclusivity

It goes without saying that when you are investing such a huge amount of money into building a house; you would want it to be unique. The design of the structure and the landscape, etc. can be made exclusive only by hiring an architect who has seen much more than you in terms of construction designs. Thus, with a professional you know that your house will be easily recognizable by its design and speak a lot about your taste.

10 – No One else will Understand the Dream House you have been imagining All Your Life!

The moment you start describing the home of your dreams; you can be sure that an architect can put it on paper exactly how you imagined first and when you approve it; you can expect the same in reality too.

Go ahead, realize your dreams and hire a trained and qualified architect.

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