Building a Scalable IT Operation with Automation Framework

By taking a quick look at the notable changes that have happened in the world of information technology over the last decade, it is very easy to see that adaptations and large jumps in technology happen quite fast, and often times without businesses expecting it. This brings up the concern of scalability. When a business sets up their IT infrastructure and takes certain routes to ensure that it is automated as best as possible, maximizing company efficiency, they also want to make sure that their infrastructure has long term viability. Obviously the last thing you want is to find out that a few years down the road, your infrastructure and network is out of date or incompatible with the latest advancements in technology, potentially costing your company a lot of money to update their infrastructure. This can be a pretty tiresome process, sometimes requiring the hiring of specialized individuals that can revamp your entire network for you. If you take a little time to research and understand certain factors regarding IT infrastructure automation, you can ensure that everything will have a good level of future-proofing, and of course scalability.


Do things right the first time around

The most important thing to get down right off the bat is the implementation of a highly supported and reputable infrastructural management suite. By doing so you can almost guarantee that the software suite will hold and adapt to the changes that technology brings in the future. You want a suite that offers powerful solutions for network analysis and management, but that is also simple enough for quick and easy transitions and development from specialized individuals. In other words, you want to make the process of syncing hardware and other network objects to your infrastructure plan as simple as possible. This allows plenty of room for new equipment and technologies to be brought aboard, without having to potentially halt the efficiency of certain aspects of your network, keeping everything flowing nice and smoothly.

How infrastructural automation has improved            

In the past it was commonplace for companies to require many different individuals working on a consistent basis to ensure that the business’ infrastructure was kept in harmony and achieving the ultimate back-end goals of the company. This was obviously quite time-consuming and expensive to do, and when large changes in technology hit the industry, it would often be required of those specialized individuals to seek out additional training to become attuned with the latest changes in network related technology and automation design. IT Infrastructure automation has greatly changed things in that regard, and presents businesses with a simple means to grow and improve their IT operation without much hindrance at all. With a few simple actions, a team could update an entire network of devices with certain key implementations without any hiccups, keeping everyone on the same page and keeping the ball rolling. Having this capacity will become more and more important as the rate of technological advancement increases, and we see greater jumps in business information technology, regardless of the industry.

Sharing is powerful

One of the greatest obstacles that a company faces when trying to make mass changes and additions to their network infrastructure is the lack of tools and availability of high-quality, relevant information regarding their sought-after innovations. Certain IT infrastructure automation suites these days will offer their clients a means to share information and build upon the research and work of others. This can be done through the form of a public repository, where a company can find certain tools and systems that they like and find relevant to their needs, and then go a step further and customize them to do exactly what they want. This is an excellent way to speed up and simplify the process of expanding a business’ IT infrastructure. Remember that scalability is built on simplicity. The easier things are to create and implement the better and more efficient it will be.

Keep future proofing in mind

Most IT infrastructure automation suites offer compatibility with a range of smart devices, such as mobile devices, metrology meters, retail terminals, smart grid devices, system processors and even various storage devices. This is a very important aspect that should be carefully understood before making the move to implement a network management solution for your business. Compatibility goes hand in hand with scalability. You never know what kinds of devices or technologies your business might need to adopt down the road, and so it is important to work with a network management suite that offers flexibility in its hardware support. The last thing you want is to find out that some key piece of equipment that your company is adopting is not compatible with your infrastructure design, and will require large amounts of modification to implement properly.

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