Building Your Dream Vacation Home on a Budget

Imagine this: a beach house with a refreshing view, a warm home in the quiet woods, or a safe space away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. A place where you can have that rest and relaxation you have been longing for. Better yet, what if you can travel to all these places while bringing your home with you?

crazy cool housesSounds good? Then you might want to consider getting a relocatable home as a vacation home. Thinking about the costs? No problem! Tiny homes are a buzz these days, giving you more options to construct your own custom-built space with fewer expenses.

Aside from this, investing in a vacation home does have its advantages. We’ve listed it down here:

  1. If you love vacationing often, then you could save money from renting another cabin. You could also save time and space bringing your things by storing them in your vacation house.
  2. The value of real estate tends to go up over time, which is why purchasing property is a practical way of investing your money.
  3. Your vacation home could also be your retirement home or a place to settle down in the future.
  4. You can generate income from your vacation home through cabin rentals whenever you aren’t there. Many people are now looking for that home-away-from-home, staycation type of travel, so investing in a vacation home can be another business opportunity for you.

It has its pros, but there are also other things to consider in getting your own dream vacation house, which is primarily its cost. Most vacation houses are expensive especially if you are planning to get one from a popular destination. Taxes, mortgages, insurance, and utilities are additional expenses as well. Maintenance is another factor to consider. Should you be doing the upkeep, or should you consider getting a caretaker to look after your vacation home? Lastly, when choosing the location for your vacation home, is it easily accessible? What are the things you need to set up utilities?

With these in mind, why not get the best of both worlds? With a relocatable house, it can serve its purpose as a vacation house, a temporary getaway for the weekend, a place to work remotely, or a cabin that you can rent out. If you’re planning on constructing your vacation house but on a very tight budget, you can also check out these second-hand relocatable homes for sale.

These transportable houses are very flexible and mobile, allowing you to relocate to a new town at a lesser cost. You are also free to customize it however you like. Want to add an extra room? How about a dedicated coffee nook? Or a yard? The possibilities are endless! Decorate and personalize it however you like.

Having your own vacation home doesn’t have to be expensive with a modular house. With its budget-friendly price plus other advantages, there’s no other reason to not invest in it!

Cyril Sansano