How to Get Bulk Soil Delivery for your Garden

Image Credit: NRCS Soil Health

Image Credit: NRCS Soil Health

Sometimes if our mind gets diverted towards gardening  as bitten by a gardening bug we would love to install variety of garden spots in our lawn although the ground belonging to our property is as hard and tough as a rock; it needs to be filtered with fresh and moist soil in large quantity. It would be a good idea to buy top soil in bulk rather than buying in dozens. It would nearly cost about $15 to 25$ as an average for a cubic lawn. But we need to get the measurement of the yard and amount of soil required for the yard. As we always want the best, we must always research properly before ordering the garden soil delivery,  in order to achieve good results in gardening. Buying soil in bulks as per information contain more essential nutrients that in the packed ones, and buying soil in bulk also costs less than that of buying in dozens.

Instructions and materials required in order to buy bulk soil for garden

Materials Required

Certain materials are required in order to buy bulk soil easily; the materials required are as follows:

  • Local phone directory
  • A computer with an internet connection
  • Measurement of the yard in order to buy that much quantity of soil.

Instructions to be followed in order to buy bulk soil for Garden

Certain instructions must be followed in order to buy bulk soil for garden easily; the instructions to be followed are as follows:

  • In order to start first of all we need to measure the area of the yard according to which the soil will be purchased. The Measurement includes dimensions of the surface area as well as the depth of the soil which will be decided by us. It will also be a good idea to know about the plant we want to grow in our garden, as different varieties of plants require different types of soil to grow.
  • We should call several nurseries and ask for their recommendations. If our friends are good gardeners we ask for their recommendations as well. We can check for the gardening forums for our area easily on the internet and talk to its members. We need to call the top recommended suppliers.
  • We should surely ask the soil suppliers about the quality of their soil. Certain questions which must be asked are such as about pH balance of the soil, pH value between 6.0 to 7.0 is good for variety of plants. Then we can ask what they can mix into the soil. We must ask them if they screen the soil, to remove rocks, roots, and soil rubbles.
  • After a satisfying consultation we need to arrange for the delivery of the soil, if the truck has to dump the soil only by crossing our lawn we must check the weather forecast before arranging delivery of the soil. We need to choose a perfect time when it has been a dry for several days as a result, this will prevent any gouges in our lawn caused by the heavy truck.
  • We need to choose a dumping spot in order to dump the soil. We need to be assured that the dumping is not done near to the power lines that would be hit as soon as the truck raises its box. We need to choose a perfect spot for dumping which should not be over the underground pipes that would be crushed due to the heavy load of the soil. The spot must be kept restricted of children and pets and to avoid their activity in the soil.
  • Lastly we need to move the soil as soon as we can. Soil should be left standing for several days in order to make it dry and hard. Before the rain we can spread the soil, and then cover the soil with tarps.

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  1. My wife and I have been out in our garden a lot more recently since the weather warmed up. I haven’t laid down new soil for a few years now. I’m glad that I read this post, and hopefully in the near future we will be ready for some more soil. Thanks!

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