Choosing The Best Canopy For Your Outdoors

The Great British weather is infamous for its unpredictability and fickleness. One minute the sky is full of glorious sunshine, the next it is covered in black cloud ready for a downpour. This can make it very difficult to plan things as we want to spend as much time outside but may fear the unfortunate weather. The best way to put that fear aside is to install a canopy, so that you and your group can happily sit and enjoy the outside whatever the weather. There are many different types of canopy which will suit your different needs, whether it’s for your own garden or for a corporate event, we take a look at how to choose the best one for you.

Umbrella canopy
One very popular canopy that is often used is an umbrella style canopy. A lot larger than a parasol, they cover a larger area and are able to withstand more violent weather. They tend to be a more permanent fixture which is suitable for outdoor seating areas of restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs. The pros of umbrella style canopies is that they stand up to heavy weather and once initial installation has been completed, they are easy to open and close. The downside is that they are more difficult to transport.

Pop up canopies
Pop up canopies are similar to the tents in the way that they are made out of a similar kind of material and structured the same, however, obviously they don’t have closed walls so people can stand underneath them to get out of the sun or rain. They are really simple and quick to open out as they easily just ‘pop up’ without needing to thread poles through the material. This means that the canopy doesn’t necessarily need to be installed until it is needed and can be used anywhere at any time as they are lightweight and easy to transport. They also ‘pop’ down easily at the end. These are often used at corporate events as well as in the garden.

Roof canopy
A roof canopy is essentially an extension to the roof of a current building. It is possible to get manual roof canopies which you have to put them up yourself with poles or there are automatic remote controlled canopies which you can have installed, similar to a canopy outside a shop. These are good because they are versatile and discreet, however they cannot be used anywhere, they have to be attached to a building or some poles.

Canopies are a great addition to any outside area. For your own back garden, it is probably best to try the pop up variety as they are so easy to use. However, a roof canopy will be able to withstand harsh weather and can be a more permanent fixture. If you are looking for a canopy for your business, an umbrella canopy would make a good extension to your establishment, however if you would like something you can use when desire a pop up is perhaps better suited.

Author Bio: Keira Rose is a lifestyle blogger who reviews accessories and gadgets to enhance everyday life. She recently researched a lot about pop up canopies for a post following demand from her readers.

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  1. You wrote that roof canopies are often on the side of homes or on poles, that are permanent and can withstand tough weather. I’ve been thinking of putting a canopy near my pool to give a nice place to relax in the shade. I’ll definitely have to find a company that sells good roof canopies or something similar.

  2. I like that you point out that popup canopies are really easy to transport and can be used practically anywhere. I can see why this would be nice to use if you will be traveling around to a variety of locations and need some shade. My parent’s like to go to outdoor concerts in the summer time. I’ll have to see if they would consider looking into buying a popup canopy to help keep them cool during the concerts that are during the day.

  3. i want to buy some canopies for Ghana
    how much is the unit price?

    • Interested in the Pop up canopies. Could you send me cost plus freight for each to Ghana, Tema Port

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