Career Paths for Those Who Love Home Improvement

Home improvement skills are great to have, and it can be satisfying to work on your house to make it a relaxing and fun place to live. If you love doing these things around your house, you might be interested in making a career out of your skills. There are a few careers that might be ideal for you.


Preparing to Switch Careers

When switching careers, it is a good idea to have some way of making yourself more marketable if you don’t have work experience in your new line of work. One way of doing this is by getting your degree to learn more about the industry. For careers like graphic design, it can be challenging to be successful without a degree. If you are thinking of going this route, you can take out a student loan form a private lender to find the necessary funds to pay for college.

Less Hands-On Jobs

Even if you love working with your hands, you may have other interests as well, such as designing your home. An interior designer will work with a range of elements to create each room’s atmosphere. It can be fun for those who like playing around with different styles and using varying décor. If you would rather spend your days choosing the ideal dining table than installing drywall, this might be a good route for you.

This job often requires a degree in the field. Working as a sales representative for a home improvement company is also not as hands on but still requires a knowledge of home improvement products. There are lots of industry leaders to choose from. If you already have marketing skills or want to get a degree in the field, this can be a great option. You might be selling to businesses, consumers, or a mix of both.

Contract Work

Becoming a contractor will allow you to perform a range of construction and improvement project. You will facilitate communication between workers and the client. You will want to check out the state regulations since the certification process can differ. One example of contract work you might end up doing is carpet installation. This is often a consistent type of work since many individuals need new carpets put down in their offices or homes. Onthejob training can teach you the skills you need to be successful in this line of work. And there are lots of other types of contract work you can do as well.

Choosing One of the Trades

Working in any of the trades will give you extremely useful skills. For example, plumbers are often paid a great wage because the demand for them is so high. These professionals might work in construction or make house calls on an emergency basis. Either way can help you make a livable wage in the industry. Of course, you will need to do in-depth training before getting started. Electrician work is another useful job to have, although you will need to know exactly what you are doing. Otherwise, you could put the building in danger of an electrical fire. You will need to have quite a bit of training before going out on your own, although you could become an apprentice to start making some money now.

Erin Emanuel