Catering Storage Issues in Children’s Bedrooms

Though many might (slightly) differ, but most of you will somehow agree that children are so good at creating mess. Their bedroom can look like a devastated warzone within a matter of minutes, especially if it does not have enough storage space. That is what makes children’s storage beds such desirable items for parents around the world. Not only do they offer good sleeping space, but they also offer really practical storage area that can be used for different purposes.

Children's Bedroom

As a matter of fact, storage bedrooms had been associated traditionally with children bedrooms, but the utility and style they offer has made them a centerpiece in adults’ bedroom as well nowadays. The truth is that they serve great in storing stuff in one place, whether it is children’s room or adult’s room. However, what makes them great for children’s room is the fact that children are much more susceptible of turning their bedroom into a mess.

There are different types, sizes and styles of storage beds available nowadays, offering you more choice in picking the best sleeping solution for children’s room (or adults’ room for that matter). Some of the most basic types of storage beds include:

Captain’s Bed

Captain’s bed is considered to be the most classic example of children storage beds. As the name suggest, this type of bed was designed in the age of wooden ship era. In wooden ships, the captain’s room was quite a small place, making it almost impossible for something else to be stored there, not even most of the personal belongings. To cope with such issues, the captain’s bed was designed, which nowadays serves great in storing countless belongings of your children, managing the floor space available in a bedroom most efficiently.

Children's Bedroom

Platform Bed

Platform beds are a further innovation and improvisation in the convention of children storage beds with a dominant touch of contemporary flair to please those who are more into sleek neat furniture pieces offering the best of practicality in a more aesthetic manner. One can get a number of variations in placement and sizes of drawers and storage spaces available with this type of storage beds, such as having drawers on footboard as well as sideways. Some are even designed with 2 extra drawers in headboard. One can get up to 16 drawers for optimal storage options with these beds.

Children's Bedroom

Traditional Frame with Drawers Underneath

One can even add some storage drawers underneath a simple non-storage bed frame. You can simply turn simple beds into children storage beds by sliding specifically made drawers for under-bed storage purposes under the bed frame. Such drawers are available quite conveniently in furniture shops nowadays and you can get a storage bed ready for your kids simply and cost effectively.

Children's Bedroom

Such beds not only enable you to create a comfortable sleeping place for your children, but storage they also offer significant assistance in making a children bedroom more like a bedroom rather than a warzone. As a matter of fact, if you have the issues of confined space, you might use children’s storage beds in adults’ bedrooms as well rather than huge framed leather beds, thus taking advantage of space available in the best manner.

Erin Emanuel