How changing your interiors can revitalize your lifestyle

Your home is your haven, a place where you can retreat to and feel safe from the rest of the world. However, busy lifestyles often mean you have little time to create the home of your dreams. Thankfully, it is possible to revitalize your home and your lifestyle by following a few simple tips. It doesn’t matter if you have just moved in or have lived there for many years; the following tips can be done quickly, easily and at minimal cost:

large furniture

Mirror and large furniture to widen small rooms

A small room should be painted in a soft, lighter color. This will ensure it feels both warm and larger than it actually is. Mirrors should be added to the walls to help bounce any available light around the room and make it feel light and airy. If you paint a small room a dark color it will appear smaller than it is and you may feel enclosed or confined. It can also be useful to place larger furniture in a small room; as long as you do not add to much furniture, it will make the room feel bigger!

Mixing the old with the new

One of the best tricks that modern interior designers use is to mix old and new and different types of fabric. A room no longer needs to match completely, and right now the coolest trend is to be bold. Use your imagination and transform your home into the most original, comfortable environment for your friends and family. Choose articles which have history and personal value to you. If each piece of old or antique furniture has a story to tell they will not only fit perfectly together in the room, they will also make the space personal and appealing.

Covers – an excellent way to spice things up without buying new furniture

Many people will turn their noses up at the thought of covering their furniture up but it can add to the effect and create a different, vibrant space, attuned to the seasons. However, a slip can be changed according to the season or different color paint without the expense of replacing furniture. It can also be washed easily if required.

Wicker baskets

These items can be used to quickly and easily add storage space and a feature look to any room. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be used for a huge variety of jobs, or simply left empty as ornaments. Wicker baskets are ideal in homes with cottage-like vibe, although they might as well fit perfectly in modern residences too.


Every home has some items which are never used; they may even still be in a box from when you moved in. Use these items as accessories around the home; they are free and personal. Plates can be put on the walls, utensils on racks and trays can be used anywhere to create magnificent displays.


Plants should be located all around your hole, they help to clean the air and provide a healthy living space. They are also easy to maintain, add a lovely splash of color and help to brighten you spirits on those dreary days. They can even be used to bring the feel of your garden inside; just don’t go over the top, you don’t want to live in a jungle!


Most houses have at least one bookcase and they are often in a very traditional brown color. Brighten your room; the book case and revitalize your room by repainting the book caser a color that suits your interior décor. The same can be said for fireplace mantels or even inside your closet. A burst of unexpected color will help you to feel good every day. These pieces of handmade metal furniture can also be used to display accessories as well as books; this will break up the space and keep it personal. It can also be beneficial to leave any cabinets open; it makes them appear more interesting and relevant.

Rugs, carpets and doormats

A rug can add a touch of elegance or warmth to any room. It can be easily changed with the décor and will definitely add a personal touch t your living space. There are a huge range of rugs available on the market, in different styles and texture. You can have several rugs or one large one and even change them according to the seasons. Don’t forget about doormats either. These might have a practical purpose but they do come in a wealth of funky styles too.

There are so many tips and tricks you can use to bring your home back to life without spending a fortune. Revive the décor with new accessories, bring in more plants and flower pots, and change the rugs. Your home will have a different allure and you’ll feel more comfortable than ever.


Erin Emanuel