Child Friendly Floor Space

What better lace to learn how to become mobile than a stable, soft and secure place of a floor rug? Rugs are not solely used to enhance the décor of you home, albeit they carry out that function exceedingly well, they are the ideal place for children to learn and grow through play.

Our infographic highlights the advantages of having a rug in your nursery, playroom and child’s bedroom. It shows the different types of rugs available, and gives an overview on how to choose the right style and design for play and learning. It also shows the advantages specific types of rugs offer, the easiest to keep clean and maintain, along with guidelines on choosing the size of rug to suit the floor area of your room.

You will find that selecting a rug for your child to lay and play on will help with all aspects of their personal development. From learning about their immediate surroundings, to discovering how to roll and crawl, a child will gain huge benefits by being given a soft, colourful rug to begin their journey through childhood.


Erin Emanuel