How to Choose a Mattress Based on Your Sleep Position

At your very young age, whenever you want to go to sleep of whatever position and whatever time it is, you can fall asleep quickly. Why so? Because at that particular age, you develop your growth hormones including the development of your brain. However, as you age and you are engaged with a lot of schedules, somehow, it seems like you are having a difficult time when you want to have a good deep sleep. You may go to bed early but it seems that sandman ignores your request to get a good night rest. You may think of a specific mattress that lets you sleep. However, even though such mattress gained a lot of reviews, it seems that this isn’t working at all. This is because the body requires a certain sleeping position and it is really not because the mattress can make you comfortable at night.


Side Sleeping Position

One of the most common sleeping positions would be the slide sleeping. Anyone would love this position as the spine gently curve to the mattress. However, this may also cause you a lot of problem including long-term back pain. But, you can find a good mattress that can avoid pain when you do this kind of sleeping position. Aside from side sleeping, you may also find yourself in a log position which makes your whole body straight. This may lead you to strain and deep breathing which can contribute to the skin aging.

Hence, if you love this position, then you can’t go wrong with a mattress which is intended and design in this kind of sleeping position. You can avoid back pain and keeps you into a deep sleep at night. Since the sleeping position is slightly curved when it comes to your spine, it is vitally important to consider or invest in a mattress that can support your shoulders, hips, and back. In order for your body to relax and sink into the mattress, it must be soft and thick that enables the body, muscles, and bones to relax.

Stomach Sleeping Position

Is probably one of your favorite position especially during your daily grind. While the last thing that a stomach sleeping position need is a soft thick layer mattress that has a little support no recessed areas. There is a chance that you may hyperextend the area. While thin layers are also ideal for the type of people who sleep this way. The firmness of the mattress can support your body in this sleeping position that avoids any unnatural curve while having a good deep sleep at night.

One of the obvious benefits of sleeping in a stomach position is by avoiding snoring. However, this can strain the neck and your back is slightly bent which enables your spine to curve. Keep in mind that the human body is designed into a standing position and 8 hours in this kind of position can lead to many ache problems. Moreover, since the back sleeping position does not support the spine, this can be also very painful at the back when you wake up in the morning. When it comes to mattress, the firmer the layer is, the better for supporting your body overall that avoids unnatural back curve prior to your sleeping position.

Back Sleeping

Who doesn’t want this kind of sleeping position? In fact, a lot of individuals would love to sleep in this kind of position, but it seems that they could not create a very good sleep afterward. Why so? It is because it does not make the body relaxed at all even though you are in a normal position of sleeping. Your parents probably want this kind of sleeping position at night, but it seems that this does not fit to your sleeping position after all. Now, you desire the same with your children. However, you should know by now that this type of sleeping position is associated with snoring and sleep apnea. Yet, this is the most suitable and highly recommended by doctors when sleeping at night.

Aside from back sleep, you may also find yourself into a starfish back position which is common for children. Though there is no particular requirement when it comes to the softness and the thickness of the mattress, you should know by now that this involves arms being up around the pillow which may affect your shoulder.

Can’t Sleep??

If you are the type of person who does not fall asleep in one sleeping category, you are one of the many who loves sleeping in many kinds of positions. Yet, when it comes to the mattress, combining all these positions may not be accommodated by one particular mattress design which somehow makes you hard to sleep at night. If it is too soft, then this can make it a big bouncy, while if it is hard or thick, this can cause you a lot of pain in the back. Keep in mind that if you selected a mattress that has 3 inches thick layer, you will end up complaining about your back in the morning. 

Shopping On Mattress

Now that you know these facts when it comes to sleeping position, it is time for you to get best mattress that suits according to your sleeping needs. First, you must consider your deepest sleeping position. A transition layer is a good quality and a perfect choice. This enables you to sink a little more when sleeping that avoids pressure resulting backaches. All in all, high-quality foams is a great combination to gain a very good deep sleep.

You spend at least 5 up to 8 hours in bed taking your body and mind at rest. It is relatively obvious that you should invest. It does not make any sense of exasperating your body to its limit working while you could not satisfy it at night. The right mattress enables you to meet your body’s requirement to have a good night sleep and be energized in the morning.

Erin Emanuel