8 paint palettes that can assist you choosing the best colors for your kitchen

Are you planning to repaint your kitchen walls? If your answer’s “yes”, then you might like to know that although bad colors don’t exist, bad color combinations could harm your space. Whether you like it or not, it’s true. As long as you know works and what doesn’t, you’re free to use any combos you want. Developing a solid color palette can be difficult at times, but as long as you’re not afraid to mix and match, the end result will exceed your expectations.

Warm Color Palette

Homeowners who want to turn their kitchen into a bright and colorful place without creating the impression that a crazy rainbow just exploded inside their space will love analogous colors. Try combining a cool color with a warm one, and include shades such as red and warm orange. This palette will give your kitchen more energy, converting it into an amazing room to spend your time.

Cool Color Palette

This type of kitchen includes bold analogous colors, and the emphasis is being put on the cool effect provided by the colors. Opt for several shades of blue and green, which guarantee that the final result won’t be only sophisticated, but will also make you feel peaceful. You may consider this palette too serious, but the truth is the final results will amaze you.

Bold Wall provided with Neutral Accents

Believe it or not, one of the best strategies you can use implies adding neutral colors for expensive kitchen items such as cabinet fronts, flooring, and countertops, and using bold colors for items that are easier to replace or adjust, such as the walls. The contrast between the bold and neutral shades will make your kitchen have a more contemporary look that will be envied by all your guests.

Bold Wall

Blank Canvas featuring Bold Accessories

As previously mentioned, bold colors should be featured on items that can be easily changed. This idea follows the same principle, and includes orange counter stools and carpet tiles that can be changed as soon as you decide to go for something new. Choose this color palette and let your imagination run wild by adding different accessories that reflect your personality.

Splash of Green

Painting your kitchen green may not appear to seem like a very good idea, but you would be surprised to find out that spalshes of color are the new trend. To tell you the truth, they can be extremely captivating as long as you make sure not to exceed the limit. If you opt for green walls or flooring, make sure that all the other kitchen items feature a neutral tone.

Bold Traditional Palette

You may think that traditional kitchens cannot be matched with bold colors, but they actually can. A great idea would be that of opting for a bold red, combined with dark chocolate. This mix is amazing, and will make your kitchen look as if it was taken out from a movie. According to famous interior designers from all over the world, this is one of the most appreciated color palette that you can choose. Not only that your kitchen will reflect your exquisite taste, but it will also become a more welcoming space.

Warm and rich kitchen palette

If you’re a fan of traditional interior design, you will definitely fall in love with this idea. Drink some high-end wine and have a pleasant dinner with your friends in your outstanding kitchen, provided with red, blue, or green establishments. Bear in mind that the red color can make things more difficult, in the sense that it can make the room become darker. That’s why you are advised to avoid painting your walls red. Instead, try using this color on smaller chunks.

Creating an ideal kitchen is no longer a dream, thanks to the eight magnificent ideas described above. Forget about your old palette color and turn to a unique combination between several shades that will completely change the appearance of your kitchen. As long as you follow the tips aforementioned, everything will go by the book. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot adjust these ideas based on your personality. After all, the decision is yours.

Who doesn’t want to have an attractive kitchen? Why should you stick to plain white when you can play with color? Don’t be afraid to be bold if you want your cooking space to look ingenious. Mix and match, or better yet, mix but don’t match for a more out of the ordinary kitchen design.

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  1. That multi coloured backsplash is very interesting. I wish I had the confidence to be more bold with colour when decorating. Even when I have a colour in mind, I always end up opting for the safe option at the last minute.

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