Choosing the right welcome mats for your entrance doors

When homeowners decorate their residences, they don’t really think about placing indoor or outdoor welcome mats because they often think they’re irrelevant. Contrary to popular belief, door mats have a lot of benefits and it’s important to pick a type that’s both stylish and useful. Purchasing the right entrance door mat for your home will greatly reduce chasing down dirt and cleaning time. It’s really important to pick the best size if you want the rug to work thoroughly. It must be longer than a standard stride and it should fit both your feet prior to entering the home; also, the width must not be wider than the door. 


Materials to have in mind
Acrylic with either rubber or vinyl backing is a fine choice for indoor entrance mats. You can shake it outside to remove the dirt or you can vacuum it. Homeowners should buy mats that blend perfectly with the rest of their home décor, only make sure to opt for darker shades. Outdoor mats are usually manufactured from rubber because they’re extremely easy to clean; however, if you live in areas that are not that dirty you can opt for alternative materials such as polypropylene (made of recycled milk and soda bottles), bamboo, rags, and even cork.

Appealing designs
Innovative entrance doormats are great for people who care about the general décor of their residences. Both indoor and outdoor mats are equally important because they will make guests feel welcomed. Hardwood flooring works perfectly with bamboo door mats. Don’t forget to play with the colors, and to make your hallway even more inviting, add a beautiful plant. No piece of furniture can make your home more fascinating than a rug, so you should think of selecting a great



Welcome messages

Entrance door mats with personalized messages are extremely in vogue right now. “Not You Again” “Go Away!” and “Welcome Home!” are just some of the most common messages you get to see on people’s entrance mats. Of course, it’s up to you to decide what could make your friends smile when they come to visit you. There are plenty of other messages and quotes to choose from for your entrance mat, so do a thorough research prior to choosing one.


Choose an entrance mat based on use and traffic

Prior to investing in entrance doormats for your home, you need to get your priorities straight. Establish the amount of foot traffic your mat will have to endure, and then you can start looking for material type and color. Big families with kids who are constantly coming in and going out are advised to opt for darker shades, such as brown. Dirt won’t be seen so often, and the rug won’t ruin your home’s general décor in any way.

Welcome Matress

How much you’re willing to spend?

Due to such a wide variety of entrance door mats available, prices are competitive. You should expect to pay more than a $20 for a rubber entrance mat. Indoor mats are more expensive because they’re considered part of the home’s décor, so they need to match and be made of top-quality materials such as vinyl for example. As far as price is concerned, don’t freak as even the most expensive mats are not more than %100.

Don’t be afraid to make a change
A lot of people have the exact same house décor for ages. Why should you be monotonous when you can add a bit of color to your home with rugs? Entrance mats are not just for design, and the material chosen may or may not stop dirt from invading your home. Why should we allow our residences to look old when we can change their general appeal with simple yet stylish door mats?

Choosing the right type of welcome mat for our houses can be a rather daunting task because we all want rugs that can hold in as much grime and filth as possible. Still, apart from these proprieties, entrance mats should also be stylish and appealing in the eyes of our guests. Proper materials, funny messages, and suitable colors are some of the most tips you should have in mind when hunting to buy entrance mats for your home.

Erin Emanuel