Choosing the Right Flooring for your Home

The biggest impact that you can make on remodeling your home is the flooring. It is the base to your home and is usually the first and last thing your guests see. It can create a completely different atmosphere of a room or your entire home, but it can also be very expensive. There are many strengths and several options with each type of flooring that you should be aware of before making the right choice for your flooring needs.

Wood Flooring

wood flooring

Choosing the right flooring can be as simple as reading about a floor type you like online and purchasing it. However, different floors have different benefits to you and your home. Whether you are choosing regular hardwood or engineered wood flooring, maple or cherry wood flooring, the prices may vary on the type of wood flooring. Wood flooring can be sturdy and hold up over time where as other flooring may not be as beneficial, and the wood appearance can be paired with several colors and furniture to make it pop.

When choosing the right wood flooring be to sure to ask questions. If you are looking to add wood into a bathroom or into an environment with a lot of moisture and humidity it is a good idea to make sure the wood flooring will not warp under these conditions. If you are adding wood flooring into a high traffic area, like a living room, be sure the flooring can with stand all of the foot traffic that will be coming through.

Vinyl Flooring

The flooring in your home can make all the difference when having company over or going through the ups and downs of everyday life such as with pets, children, and accidents. Vinyl flooring gives you the option of remodeling your entire floor with a large strip of flooring that is easier to clean and gives less opportunity for spills, small objects, pet hair, and more to get caught up between the cracks. Vinyl flooring can also be used throughout the home, in bathrooms, hallways, kitchens, and even bedrooms if you desire.

wood flooring

Similar to wood, be sure to ask questions. A thicker Vinyl will cost more but in the long run will with stand more drops, cleanings and higher foot traffic. When talking to any flooring expert to sure, to sure you know what you are talking about and know what type of budget you have to spend.


The type of flooring that you choose should always be complementing to the room that you are installing it into. If you have a bright purple room, putting in green vinyl flooring may not be ideal. However, a black or something to complement the walls might. If you are planning on painting the walls to complement the floor, then the color of flooring that you use should not matter.

How to Complete Your Home Interior by Choosing the Right Floor

The interior of your home is what you have to see day in and day out, until you choose to move out or change something within the home. When choosing to change things around, remodeling the flooring of your room can be the big change that you are looking for. Before you change it, consider the right type of flooring that will complete your room and ultimately your home.

Benefits of Installing the Right Flooring

There are several benefits to installing the right flooring in your home. One of the biggest benefits is the price. It is cheaper to install vinyl flooring than it is many other types of flooring. It requires little maintenance and is resistant to staining and liquids. Choosing other floor types, like wood flooring, you can find several benefits towards your home as well. Picking the right flooring can be as easy as deciding on the benefits that you want.

Choosing the Appearance of Flooring

The color and pattern found on many types of flooring can be chosen to match the interior of your home. If you prefer a marble look, but would opt for the less expensive vinyl flooring, you can choose a marble patterned vinyl sheet. The color or pattern that you choose can match the paint on your walls or the type of appliances or furniture that you have in the room.

You can compare the different types of patterns with the colors that you are considering before any of the work is done. Complementing the room with the right type of flooring is ideal, no one wants to walk into something that makes their eyes strain or hurt. Completing your home interior includes making sure that the flooring complements the style, design, and color of the surroundings. Therefore making sure that you choose the right type of flooring is very important.

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Erin Emanuel


  1. There is so much that goes into choosing the right flooring for any home, its nice to have it all broken down into sections instead of all together. My husband and I decided to stay in our current home instead of moving, the floors are the first to go! Is there a flooring type you prefer?

  2. This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that vinyl flooring is easier to clean and maintain. I have three children and two dogs, so messes are a very common occurrence at my house. My husband and I are putting new flooring in the kitchen, and I’ll definitely look into getting vinyl so it’s easy to keep it clean. Thanks for the great post!

  3. I agree that picking the right flooring for your home would be really important. I would imagine that finding a company that can help you choose what to do would be really important. My husband and I are looking for flooring for our home so we’ll be sure to consider what is right for us.

  4. Thank you for all this great information about choosing the right flooring. It’s interesting that you say that vinyl flooring is actually very easy to clean and isn’t so bad about cracks. Since we have a few kids, it would be nice to not have to worry about replacing it later on.

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