Choosing Between Stucco And Vinyl Siding

The exterior appearance of a house is very important for most homeowners. It helps to determine the property value and sets the tone for what to expect once inside of the house. Vinyl siding has been one of the most popular options for decades. Stucco has also been popular in certain areas. Over 8,500 workers at a range of different businesses produce $1.7 billion in mineral products including the many variations of stucco applied to the outside of homes. Anyone attempting to decide between stucco and vinyl siding should consider a few key differences before contacting a contractor.


Stucco and vinyl have diametrically opposite appearances. Vinyl is made from rigid geometric panels that are bent accurately and then lined up with precision against the side of a home. Vinyl siding provides a very clean look with little variance. This is what many homeowners are looking for. Stucco is irregular, three-dimensional and unique. It creates a very organic look that is uncommon in many areas. Both stucco and vinyl siding can be colored to match other features on a house. Personal taste is the only deciding factor when it comes to appearance.


Stucco and vinyl have different maintenance needs. Vinyl siding is designed to be very low maintenance. The panels are durable and resilient. Dents and minor issues can be repaired. A contractor can fix serious damage by removing and replacing an entire piece of siding. Vinyl is also easy to clean with a standard hose and some time. Stucco is very durable and strong. It is not as easy to maintain in some situations. Stucco can stain over time because of weather and other factors. It can also crack or chip. Repairs to a stucco exterior require professional attention.

Vinyl siding is relatively straightforward to install. The siding is bent, cut and then positioned against the house. The process goes very quickly once the starters and other odd pieces have been placed. The installation is also very forgiving and can be done as quickly or slowly as needed. Stucco installation requires a contractor with experience and skill. There are also many stucco options available from foam sprays to actual concrete. Stucco takes longer to install and requires a certain degree of artistry. The results, however, are usually much more distinctive than standard siding.

The difference in cost really depends on several factors. Traditional concrete stucco exteriors are less expensive than conventional vinyl siding. Nearly every other modern form of stucco is more expensive than vinyl siding. This is because the modern types of stucco use special materials that make it more durable, environmentally friendly and attractive than some concrete exteriors.

Vinyl siding is very good when it comes to protecting the underlying structure of the home from damage caused by wind or accidents in the yard. It does not provide much protection in any other area. Stucco will protect the outside of a home from damage while also providing additional benefits. Stucco insulates the walls making heating and cooling systems more efficient. It can also reduce noise when installed with polymers and other materials underneath. Stucco is a good choice for homes that need extra insulation from outdoor temperatures.

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