Choosing Wooden Design Elements to Suit Any Home

Real wood furniture is a versatile home element that can suit any design within the home. There are many reasons that real wood furniture is used in the home. For starters, it’s beautiful and it’s valuable, but there are many other benefits to its use in interior design. Amongst the benefits is that its color can be changed with stain, depending on how dark it originally was. Real wood furniture is prized for this versatility and ability to accommodate any design scheme.


Look for Long-Lasting Pieces

Real wood furniture is durable and will last for years. Small children and other family members can cause a lot of wear and tear on furniture and other items in the home, causing less sturdy materials to fall apart over the years. A wooden furniture piece, constructed with long-lasting materials like oak and beech, will maintain its pristine appearance for many years to come. Real wood furniture can last four to five times longer than other furniture lasts. This makes real wood furniture a good investment. Because it can match any décor, the same furniture can be kept while the rest of the décor is altered around it.

Colors and Tones

Wood furniture, unlike many other pieces, can match any décor in the home. The wood and color of the wood, alone, behave as neutral pieces. Regardless of the color of the wood, it is suitable for any décor. However, it is advisable to pay attention to the tone of the wood. Some wood is warm and rich in color, which means that it should be paired with home colors that are similar in tone. Ash-toned woods, which are cooler, look best in homes with an established neutral or pastel color palette. Be careful not to choose more than one wood color unless they complement each other well. For instance, mahogany is suitable to be paired with maple, both having similar tones.


One thing which should always be taken into consideration when selecting real wood furniture is the style of the pieces chosen. Some design features require polished contemporary furniture, while others require a rustic, worn finish. Match the furniture with the décor in the home. Don’t be afraid to change the stain on the furniture if another color is desired. Real wood furniture can be changed in this manner. It may require sanding at first, but it can be done. There is equipment that can be used to make the sanding process easier. Stains can be mixed to achieve the desired color but, for beginners, it’s not advisable to mix stains.

Real wood furniture’s popularity will continue, as it is a versatile and extremely durable decorative element which lends itself well to most, if not every, design scheme. The same furniture can be passed down to future generations for decades to come, making it a valuable and long-lasting investment. Whatever your existing decorative pieces, incorporating real wood elements can add an enduring and classic touch to your home.

Informational Credit to The New Oak Tree

Erin Emanuel

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  1. This is a well-written article, Erin! I’m glad that I stumbled upon it because I’ve been wondering how to choose specially-designed wooden furniture. I think you’re absolutely right: it’s important to choose your colors and tones wisely so your wood can match with it. I didn’t know that oak lasted longer than other types of wood, so I’ll be sure to look into products that are made of that. Thanks for sharing this with us; it’s been very enlightening and informative!

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