5 Ways to Clean Your Bug Infested Carpet

A bug infestation can be a big problem no matter where it is in your home. However, if bugs have taken up residence in your carpet, you will need to take action immediately. This is especially true if the bugs in question are carpet beetles. If these annoying scavengers are not dealt with quickly, they will not simply lay waste to your carpet. They will also attack various fabrics and your clothes. They have been known to consume rayon, linen and cotton, just to name a few. They will not stop until it has all been devoured. If carpet beetles or other bugs are in your carpets, here are five ways to get rid of them:

clean carpet bugs


1. Hire a carpet cleaner

A professional carpet cleaner like Babayan’s Carpet Cleaning is one of the best ways to eliminate a bug infestation. The cleaner will use chemicals that are specially formulated specifically to kill any bugs within your carpet. Equally as important, it will also kill any of their larvae they leave behind, preventing future generations of bugs from being born within your carpet.

2. Vacuum your carpet regularly

The key word is “regularly.” It should not be surprising to learn that many bug infestations take place in carpets that are not vacuumed on a regular basis. Larvae need to be left undisturbed so they have enough time to mature. Vacuuming your carpet regularly will not allow this to happen. You can also suck up the adult bugs before they have a chance to lay eggs.

3. Boric acid

Spreading boric acid onto your carpet is an excellent way to kill the larvae of bugs. Boric acid can be purchased at stores that specialize in pest-control products. Boric acid begins by attaching to the bug’s body. After the bug ingests the acid, death will soon follow. Be certain to vacuum boric acid two hours after you use it.

4. Insecticides

If your infestation is quite severe, it may be necessary to use insecticides to eliminate the problem. Some of the most popular kinds include Tempo, Demand CS, Pestabs, Bifen I/T and Ultracide. These are applied with a hand sprayer.

5. Insect fogger

Insect foggers, also known as bug bombs, are placed in the middle of the infested room. The contents are sprayed upwards. Eventually, the insecticide settles into the carpet. If you decide to use this method, you don’t want to be in your home when this goes off, especially if you have infant children as it can be hazardous to everyone’s health. Either plan a field trip for the day or spend the day outside if the weather is good while you wait for the fogger to die down.

There are also various carpet shampoos that are designed to deal with pest infestations. Make sure you buy the right shampoo for the bugs you are trying to kill. Prior to using any products with insecticides in your home, make sure you read and thoroughly understand the instructions.

While there are other methods out there, these are just a few to take care of your bug infested home. If you are having bug problems, don’t wait to take care of the problem. The longer you wait, the more infested your home becomes.

Erin Emanuel