Clean up your garage and enjoy the extra living space

Garages are often primarily used as a storage space, and the safe car parking becomes a secondary thing. It won’t be wrong to say that people often disrespect their garage by keeping stuff which is not at all useful. Items like old televisions, fridges and even washing machines are kept there. This does not prove to be any good for the garage space. Some may argue that it is what they call “constructive use of the available space” but the amazing part is that the space is actually all covered up with things that are never going to be used.

cleaning the garage

If you are one of them then, maybe now you won’t agree to the fact but you will understand this when someday you would think about cleaning the garage and make some more space for your car. The process of cleaning gets very hard if your garage is stuffed with rubbish all around. The worst is that it is not at all hygienic and provides a very good breeding ground for rodents. Certainly, you do not want your home to be a playground for pests. We all know how expensive it can be to get rid of pests once you are stuck in a situation like that. This ignorant behavior is only going to damage your garage and you might have to pay more than you anticipate to save by using it as a storage space.

So, it is time to adapt a new perspective to look at your garage as a living space and not a storage space. If you are living in the area of Beverly hills you can consult any realtor and they will tell you how the appearance of your garage can increase or decrease the value of your home. So, if you are planning to sell off your property it will be even more important to arrange your garage nicely than ever before. In any case as a well kept part of your home, this space can be used much more efficiently.

What you can do

  • Weekend cleaning – We all have weekend plans and we want to enjoy this break from work to re-energize ourselves. Nobody wants to waste their weekend in cleaning and arranging stuff, risking a muscle strain. But, it is worth it. You would realize this once you see the extra space that you would get once you discard the extra items from your garage. You might even get enough space to fit in a pool table. But for that you need to sacrifice a weekend. You would be amazed to know that there are people who enjoys a lot many activities in this particular part of their home, just because they indulge themselves in cleaning every six or seven months. If you too, try to clean up like this, you would do yourself a favor. As a nicely cleaned part of your home, now, the garage would not attract pests and this is a very healthy gain against a mere weekend. Once the extra stuff like old televisions of your grandfather which cannot be repaired or that old refrigerator which have lived its life completely are gone, you will get extra space which can be used in a much more constructive & creative manner.
  • Repair of the structure – It is possible that the badly arranged material has caused some damage to the structure of your garage. Moisture can get stuck in such places and this leads to many other problems like rotting or rusting of your garage door or its parts or some issues with the paint on the walls and the door. If while cleaning you notice something like that it is recommended that you call a reliable garage door repair company in Beverly hills to deal with it. An efficient company that provides garage door repair in Baverly hills can deal with any door issue caused by moisture and bad maintenance of the garage. If it is with the structural condition you need to call in a painter or the eligible professional person to tackle it.
  • Creative ideas – Now that you have cleaned up your space, you can use the re-discovered area in whatever manner you feel good with. You can put a board game there and enjoy your time with family and loved ones on weekends or you can place a toolbox to keep all essential tools you use while checking your vehicle. Bring in your lawn mower and keep it in your garage instead of that old fridge which was never going to serve you again.

It is only going to help you in using your living space nicely if you decide to dedicate one of your weekends in every six or seven months to clean your garage. As it is said “cleanliness is Godliness” you would feel as a proud owner of a well maintained house. It’s sure that your neighbor would envy you for this.

A simple weekend cleaning expedition can get you

  • Ample free space in your garage that can be used in whatever manner you want to.
  • A home which is hygienic and healthy for you and all your family members.
  • Freedom from those old items which were no good anymore.
  • You probably would make a little money by selling that stuff to a junk dealer.
  • You stand a chance that you might catch some problems with your home’s structure and garage door, which were earlier hidden behind the unwanted stuff.
  • A beautiful looking garage which may attract many and surely will add into the curb appeal of your home.
  • The safety of your kids from pests and insects which grow easily in such environment.

So, if you had never thought about cleaning your garage and you were among those who treated the garage as a storage space more than a living space then, now is the time to wake up and clean the space. By now you would have understood that this cleaning process is only going to give you some unforeseen benefits. Just open the gates of your garage and look around to see what is needed and what is not and just get going with the work on the coming weekend.

Author: Timothy Gugerty is Home Improvement Consultant in Las Vegas. He has 6+ Years of experience as Home Improvement Consultant and has worked with many Firms in Las Vegas. Here he is sharing his views on Doors, especially garage doors repair have been his specialty and he writes often about the latest trends and technologies coming to this particular industry.

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  1. What would you suggest for cleaning an office out… mine is a pigsty… it may be more about being organised

  2. I agree with that! When I was still living with my parents, our garage was full-loaded with the different stuffs we are no longer using. It was home to our pet dogs too. Thanks for sharing these cleaning and organization ideas…The real challenge for me would be having enough time to observe them.

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