Clean up quickly after a party

Finally the weekend arrives and the party begins. Guests arrive filling up the house, enjoying their night and leave. But for you as a host the night hasn’t ended, rather it has just begun. Everyone loves to party out but doesn’t like the cleaning up after the bing-bang ends. But that wouldn’t stop us from partying! Let’s just figure out how to maintain and clean up the mess quickly after the last guest leaves. The first advice is don’t panic: relax and sit. Just make sure that you collect all the cutlery like bottle and cups before you start cleaning escapade. Now soak them into hot water in the sink, this will in cleaning the dishes faster. You need to only take care of the perishable items on an immediate basis; rest can be easily dealt with later.

House Party

Check out some quick tips:

  • Think drink: Let’s start with drinks, if you got stains with beer on you clothes, you need to make it wet first before anything else. Take an ice-cube and wrap it in a paper towel, now apply for sometime over the satin. Once the stain is wet apply stain remover, leave it for another five minutes and then rinse it.
  • Sauce it all around: Nobody can escape a party with sauce stains spilled on your clothing. So how do remove something that stays on forever. Simple: wet the affected area before you apply the satin remover. First cover the area with a blotting paper, then take some water and wet the affected area. Once wet, apply the strain remover on the area and leave it for few minutes. Rinse the cloth as usual to have a sparking glow on your garment again. If you have sauce on your carpet, first take out excess with the back of a knife. Once you clean the excess, apply baking soda for a sometime. Once the soda has taken care of the stain you can first clean it with a wet paper towel and then vacuum the carpet.
  • Stains on the wooden flooring: If have got stains spilled on your wooden floor. If the stains have dried mix your detergent with water ad then gently scrub it. Don’t directly apply the detergent as it can harm your floor. In your right hand, keep the scrubber ready and in the left a wet paper towel. Clean it faster with this technique, it will become much easier and the damage to your floor would be the minimum.
  • Keep the walls clean: Now that you are done with the most tedious task, look around again to check if you are left with any stains on the walls. If you have strains remains on the walls, then take a sponge, soak it into a soap liquid (make sure it is not a hard detergent) then mix it with warm water and gently clean your walls. Keep paper towel handy, immediately wipe the area with paper towel. You need to be careful with your walls since any stains on your walls are immediately visible. If your walls are heavily are really spoiled, use a stronger solution to it. But firstly test it on patch to make sure it doesn’t lighten the paint. Mix warm water with vinegar to the solution along with ammonia and washing soda to make the liquid for cleaning the walls.

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Erin Emanuel