The Most Clever Storage Hacks

When live in a small space you need tricks to get you through the daily hassles of built-up clutter. Even if you live in a big house, a few simple storage hacks will help you get organized in no time. Most of the times we don’t realize how poorly we are using our space on a daily basis, but using efficient ways you can turn your messy world into a clean and efficient clutter-free habitat.

All the people who live in a flat or apartments are no alien to the fact that you need to divide your space in a way that increases feasibility. Running late for work and just can’t find the tie that matches? One of your favorite shoes is nowhere to be found? Do all your hair clips just disappear into thin air? We have all been there and done that. So let us help you find out the most clever storage hacks that anybody can apply.


Storage Hacks For Your Tiny Apartment

  • Lamps on bedside tables are old-school, try hanging them from strings and wires so that your bedside table can be put to good use.
  • Towels and clothes can be hanged by hooks on the back of your door, so that more space is available next to your sink.
  • Your beds can be elevated with the help of risers and anything can be stored in the space beneath them, suitcases, old clothes and shoes, you name it.
  • When choosing chairs for your apartment, opt for stackable chairs so that they don’t stay lying around longer then they need to.
  • If you have a bicycle you no longer use but nowhere to store it, try hanging it on a wall with the help of cables perched from the ceiling.
  • A vertical magazine rack can hold any document you may have filling up your drawers, invest in one that has more compartments to use.

Tiny Closet Syndrome? No Longer A Dilemma

So many tricks can be used to maximize the usage of your closet that seems to run out of space like anything. All your clothes can be neatly folded and organized in show boxes that can be piled up inside your cupboard, this frees up a lot of space for other things. Rings used for shower curtains can also be used to hang your scarves from the back of your closet doors so that they don’t get lost. You can use chains and s-hooks to hang clothes so that they fit in a smaller space and investing in tie-hangers for all your tank tops will do wonders to the space inside your cupboard because then you won’t have to use separate hangers for each one.

Make Your Kitchen Clutter-Free

Leets face it, most of us have just one fridge and too many things to store, try using magnetic spice jars to store anything you want on the inside of the refrigerator door. Also, using an over-the-sink cutting board will free up all the space on your counter for preparing other things. Anything that you only require once or twice a year can easily stored under your sink. Using pegs to hang all your pots is another good way to make the pots more accessible and the space free for better usage and store all your cereals in airtight food dispensers so that you can throw the darn boxes out.

Space Saving Techniques For Your Washroom

  • Make use of magnetic jars to hold additional stuff next to your mirror and your bobby pins and hair clips will always stay within sight.
  • Your cabinet can be used for better things if it wasn’t for all the hair products? Try hanging mason jars in any way that may suit you to store all the shampoos and serums.
  • A pull-out cabinet is very useful in your bathroom, so get a few installed.
  • Your towels and clothes need to stay dry, so hang them by rods attached to the back of your door; you can even install multiple rods to hang more clothes.

But that’s not all people, check out our info graphic for more tricks to save space.


Source:  24 Great Storage Hacks to Get More Space out of Your Home


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  1. I do love the look of a hanging lamp, it has an industrial feel, especially if it’s an Edison bulb hanging by a rope. I’ll have to try that, it would free up a lot of storage space on our end tables. Thanks for sharing.

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