Tips for Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are one of the most undesirable pests and the sight of them is simply disgusting. They’re a common problem in different households and one thing is for sure, no one wants to see them in their house and want to get rid of those annoying pests forever. Plus, they are a threat to our health as they can easily transfer disease. Their waste and shedding too can get into the air and cause allergies. Their basic requirements are food, water and shelter and wherever they get these, they can thrive and multiply in huge numbers.

Dead american cockroach

Managing and Controlling
There is no singular method of control to get rid of cockroach infestations. Pesticide application alone will not work to eliminate those roaches. One has to go for follow up treatments and take other precautions to keep those pests at bay.

Here are some simple tips to keep Cockroaches under control

  • Maintain good hygiene within the house
  • Don’t leave uncovered food in the kitchen and store other food items in insect-proof and sir tight containers.
  • The trash and garbage cans should be covered with tight-fitting lids.
  • Any old trash made of paper like magazines, paper bags, newspapers, rags, boxes should be removed
  • Look for any plumbing leaks and make sure there are no moisture ridden areas, Keep the house well ventilated.
  •  Look for any cracks and crevices in the house. Vacuum and clean those areas.
  • Any beverages or food spills should be cleaned immediately.
  •  Make sure the house is surrounded by fresh air and gets plenty of sunlight.

Removed the Hiding Place
One will not see the cockroaches during the day as they will hide under the cupboards, in those cracks, crawl into those dark spaces and many other such locations and hiding place. They invade kitchens especially at night. One can make efforts to limit these dark areas and corners. Try to minimize those hiding places like cupboard cracks, hollow areas that can be a safe haven for those cockroaches.  Make sure that they don’t; have an easy access inside the house and get rid of any cracks and other openings.

Fight them back
One can also make use of a number of anti-cockroach arsenal products that can help you fight a cockroach infestation and jeep them in control There are sprays that can repel those roaches and even kill them. For those larger infestations, it is best to use dusts and powder. Baits too are commonly used to trap cockroaches and work effectively for smaller infestations. Traps and glue pads lure these pests and trap them in the adhesive layer. Boric acid is another powerful dusting agent to control cockroach traffic. Another popular home remedy is to make a mix of baking soda and icing sugar and place near the area of higher cockroach traffic.

Just follow the above tips and guidelines and keep the cockroach infestation under control. One can certainly gain an upper hand when fighting a war against those insidious insects. Just pay attention to the above preventative measures and you will hardly see any cockroaches.

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  1. Out of all household pest, I think that cockroaches are the worst. I used to see a lot of them in my old apartment, but I moved into a new one to get away from them. Even though I used bug bombs on everything I own before unpacking, it seems like a few cockroaches managed to hide in the furniture. I’m planning on calling a pest control service that can guarantee results. I’ll try using bait and glue traps in meantime.

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