Commercial Entrance Matting Systems Can Help Your Business Breathe Better

Commercial entrance mats are extremely important for business because they’re able to maintain a space fresh and dirt-free. Also, these mats are meant to trap water and thus provide employee and customer protection against injuries and accidents involving dirty and slippery floors. Any type of business operating in a commercial building should make use of entrance matting systems because they improve the quality of the air inside. Not many people can relate entrance mats with the air we breathe, and yet somehow they’re connected.

Entrance Matting

How can entrance mats affect the air we breathe?

Individuals track all kinds of pesticides, chemicals, dirt, and additional pollutants on their shoes. Entrance matting systems that are at least 10 feet have the capacity to diminish exposure to perilous pollutants and chemical particulates. For ideal results, you are advised to opt for 30 linear feet of commercial matting to improve indoor air quality. It’s equally important to clean the entrance mat regularly to make sure it’s performing the right functions. If too much moisture and dirt is trapped, have it cleaned or replace it otherwise it will pose a huge risk on the health and safety of the people entering your building.

Some studies have proven that 85% of debris, grime, and dirt are caught on the bottom of people’s shoes. A high-quality entrance mat that’s roughly 6 metre long has the ability to remove all that dirt and thus maintain a space chemical-free, fresh, and a lot more breathable.

Are entrance mats compulsory?

Not many people know how dirty their floors get when they’re not using entrance mats. Apart from damaging the surface, dirt affects people’s health in ways most of us can’t understand. An office building with hundreds of customers and employees going in and out every couple of minutes can become a real pest hole. The ground is usually covered in lots of nasty stuff; yet, to our naked eye things like dirt and grime are rather common. At a microscopic level, the ground teems with all kinds of pollutants, bacteria and viruses. When we walk on the street, our shoes catch most of those chemicals, and those chemicals are transported onto clean surfaces.

That’s why it’s so important to put an end to pollutants, and the best way to do that is to lay down commercial door matting systems at the entrance of our business building. Basically, all you have to do is install 2 or 3 mats at the door (both inside and outside) to prevent grime and dirt from spreading all over the place (including in the air).

Entrance Matting

Types of mats to use for your business

Now that you’ve acknowledged the great importance of entrance mats for your business, it’s time to start looking for the best type. Not all entrance mats are the same. Rugs with a mildly abrasive texture have the ability to scrape pollutants and dirt off people’s feet. They’re definitely among the best and they’re usually made of coir, cocoa, or polypropylene fiber. There’s also another type of entrance mats known as waterhog mats. Usually made of rubber, these items are non-slippery, extremely versatile, and practical. Some of the main attributes of waterhog mats:

  • Brushing and heavy-duty scraping ability
  • Plenty of patterns available
  • Reinforced surface made of rubber
  • Eco-friendly, sustainable
  • Easy to clean
  • Effectively retain moisture, dirt, grime, and additional pollutants
  • Can hold up to 1.5 gallons per square yard
  • Numerous colors, designs, and shapes available

Entrance Matting

Hard wearing, extremely durable entrance matting systems act as the first defence line on the premises of every commercial building. Selecting the right type is extremely important because it can help hold up to 90% of grime and dirt. Apart from maintaining a building’s floor in excellent condition, mats help companies breathe a fresher air. Most buildings are not aware that entrance mats are so important, so they usually end up investing in the wrong type; not to mention that they don’t usually bother to clean or replace them, so it’s no wonder that most offices spaces are packed with bacteria and all kinds of harmful germs wondering through the air. It’s really not that difficult to invest in a high-quality mat, all you have to do is get informed and make a sensible purchase for your office building.

Author Bio: Davis Miller, a freelance blogger and writer, wrote this article. He loves to decorate his home in new and different ways. Also he recommends site CobaEurope for industrial safety matting and entrance flooring products.

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