Before Hiring the Wrong Commercial Roofing Contractors, Ask These Right Questions

Most business owners will only ever deal with commercial roofing contractors one time in their life, at best. Unless they are commercial real estate developers, many of them may not ever even meet a commercial roofer during a lifetime (because these roofs last so long). If you happen to have the need for a new roof for your commercial business, however, chances are that you will have some important questions that you will need to ask and have answered before choosing the best contractor for the job. A helpful guide that was created by Owens Corning, the makers of the popular and pink fiberglass insulation that comes in the most used R19 and R13 bats for roofing insulation of all types, sheds some light on a few questions that you should ask your commercial roofer before awarding them with the contract for your business’ roof.

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Can I See an Estimate/Contract in Writing?

The first thing that you will want to request is a roofing estimate. That’s because you never know what sort of a deal that you will find otherwise, and you are advised to shop around to find the best one. By requesting a contract in writing with a written estimate, you can shop between providers to find the best deal on labor and materials.

Will You Accept Three Lump Payments?

The Better Business Bureau of Abilene advises that you always request to make three payments for the roof that you buy to protect yourself from being scammed. Most contractors are entirely honest and will offer this option upfront:

  • Pay one-third at the time of contract;
  • Pay one-third halfway through;
  • And pay one-third upon completion of the contract to your satisfaction.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

Ensure you request information about the longevity of the business. For instance, a roofing company that has been in business for 20 years with a spotless customer service record is the natural choice over a new business that has only been in business for five years. Make sure that you always request information on the history of the contractor before hiring them.

Can You Provide Me with Your Credentials?

Roofing contractors need to have credentials. Otherwise they could make you liable for any injuries they sustain and for anything that could happen after they install the roof, like a roofing collapse that injures employees. Request verification of all credentials, including any affiliations, certifications, licensing, bonding and insurance to be safe, and retain photocopies of these documents for your records.

Can You Provide at Least Three References?

Never trust a business at their word on references. Instead, request references of other commercial businesses that they have serviced. Take the time to contact at least three of them to inquire as to how their experience was. This will tell you for sure whether a company is worthy of your business. The decision to have a new commercial roof installed in your business is a wise one that will come at a certain expense. By using these tips, you can ensure the best end results for your time, money and efforts.

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  1. These are some great questions to ask a roofer before hiring them. I especially agree with the one about seeing at least three of their references. It’s always a good idea to see previous projects, and talk to previous customers, in my opinion.

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