Complete Guide To Instant Kitchen Upgrade without Breaking your Bank!

Kitchen is one of the most important rooms of a house. It is definitely the most used room in the house. Visited many times by all members of house, kitchen gets exhausted and loses its beauty in the long run. Remember the kids thronging into the kitchen time and again just to open the refrigerator? Right from filling up water jars to coffee making activities, cooking, and planning diet charts, kitchen does it all for you.


Did you know the slightest upgrade and renovation task in the kitchen can enhance the value of the whole house? A complete renovation of kitchen is expensive and very time consuming affair. With a bit of planning, and some tips from expert professionals, it is possible to upgrade kitchen without breaking your bank:

Cover Up Kitchen Walls

This is one thing that brings about instant transformation to your kitchen. You just need to add a dash of fresh paint to the walls to make the room look beautiful. Kitchen walls usually get dirty and grimy. These are the result from constant chopping, frying, steaming, and roasting. These may be painted well or covered with beautiful wall papers. Getting in touch with the best supplier of wallpaper for kitchen walls will help you embellish the kitchen modishly. Look for the latest trends in interior decoration magazines and books for ideas. This way, you will come to know what’s new and in vogue.

Colour Cabinets

In case, the budget and time allows, you can go for replacing the entire kitchen cabinet set. expensive and tedious. For budget renovation and cabinets that are in working condition, simply adding a fresh dose of bold colors to your cabinets. This will work as a fabulous option to add a smart stylish look. Darker shades look beautiful with kitchen allowing a lot of natural light or has been equipped with stronger source of artificial light. Also darker cabinets best compliment light colored walls. For dark walls, go for lighter colored cabinets. Colour the inside of cabinets with light colour if they are open. Buying high quality paints will help you a lot. These are a durable solution and work really well to make your kitchen look great.

Invest in Smart Countertops

smart countertops

It is true that complete replacement of old kitchen countertops can get really hefty. However, this is one time investment and will go a long way. In case, you are thinking of painting the countertop, simply avoid it. It will chip off in future making the countertops look unsightly. Some of the best materials to consider include cork, wood, concrete and laminates. These are perfect to give your kitchen a modern chic look and guarantee durability.

Hardware Replacement

Although you may be quite happy with the present kitchen hardware but making some simple alterations can lead to dramatic transformations in the appearance. For instance, changing drawer pullers and door handles will enhance the look of kitchen.

Go Green!

Although not a new concept, adding fresh green plants on little cute pots will make your kitchen look beautiful. The freshness of plants will add a lot of health element to your kitchen. It keeps the environment cooler and looks stylish. You may either use place pots or hang these around as per your choice and availability of space.

A Kitchen Library

Ever thought of investing in a kitchen library? Well, this is really important if you are serious about adding up good amount of luxury to your kitchen. Here, you simply require adding a smart coffee table and a well built cookbook stand. This lets you add and display cookbooks as kitchen library. Adding up new recipes and your own creativity will be easier. It also gives an amazing new look to your kitchen.

Pots and Pans


Most of the kitchen space especially the countertops are taken up by pots and pans. Hanging them on specially allotted racks or hangers will add to the warmth and homely environment of kitchen. It also enhances the overall beauty of your kitchen. The best part is that it adds up to the functionality of space. It is easier placing and removing pots and pans when you hang them.

More Ideas to Inspire

  • Separate Compartments: It is a wise idea to prepare a separate compartment for each appliance in the kitchen. This way each item regardless of its size, shape, and usability will have a space of its own to go.
  • Replace: For older appliances, consider replacement. Buying newer and better models will help you keep kitchen look better, cleaner, and add to the functionality. In case, it isn’t possible for you to create a separate compartment for each item, simply replace these for newer better more compact models available in a wide range these days.
  • Get Creative: You can add a dash of creativity to your kitchen by hanging some funny quotes, pictures, paintings. Research on some of the unique elements online and offline to make your kitchen look absolutely beautiful.
  • Light Up: One of the most important things her is to improve the lighting in the area. The brighter it gets, the better. Also the style doesn’t have to be boring. Look for some fancy chic options on the market. Consider adding a kitchen chandelier. These are easily available online. You need to add it somewhere in the centre of the kitchen or over kitchen table. This helps with adding a special focal point in kitchen.


Erin Emanuel