Do You Need to Be Concerned About Thieves?

Home security can be vital to the financial and physical safety of your home. I believe we can all agree on that point. Home security good. Thieves breaking into your home bad. Things get more complicated from here. Despite the potential danger, many homeowners decide to forego high tech security systems. Instead they stick with the bare minimum: locks on the doors and windows.

Don’t get me wrong, lower quality security is a valid choice. After all, why invest hundreds of dollars into safety when you live in a low crime area and have no children to protect? Why invest when your collection of worldly goods would make a thrift store look rich. Before you decide to forego higher tech security, you should determine if you fall into any of the above mentioned categories.

Thief Calculator

  • Check the crime statistics for your area.
  • Take a count of little feet scurrying through your home. If you have nieces, nephews, or cousins, you might want to count them as your kids in this instance.

Estimate the monetary worth of items in your home. You can do this easily with this Thief Security Calculator designed by Protect Your Home. Just drag and drop the items that you own in order to get a general number. Anything over $5000, you might want to think about increasing your home security.

Erin Emanuel