How to Perform Concrete Cutting the Smartest Way

Doesn’t it make a complete sense to you considering that concrete is one of the most durable construction material so it is likely that it will be difficult to cut, drill or remove? Indeed concrete cutting is a challenging task, but it won’t remain as difficult as it may seem to you now with the right diamond cutting blade.

Regardless if you want to cut through concrete slabs, blocks, floors or walls, diamond saw blades are the best choice to cut through concrete the easiest and most effective way. Diamond blades ensure completely safe and clean concrete cutting.

 concrete-cutting-techniquesThe key point to remember about diamond coated saw blades isn’t that they are highly prices (yes they are expensive), but they can smoothly overcome all difficulties that may come into your concrete cutting project.

Probably many of you remember from school days that only a diamond can cut another diamond. Cutting through reinforced concrete may produce sparks, after all this isn’t a DIY home improvement job. And this is why you will need to hire professional diamond concrete cutting services provider local to your city.

Hiring the concrete cutting specialist or the right tool will make it EASY

Not so surprisingly, we love concrete when we need a full-proof, durable and long-lasting surface while we hate it when we need to drill, cut or grind concrete. The job of concrete cutting can be difficult, but it won’t be too hard.

You can win half the battle by selecting the right diamond blade and the whole battle if you are hiring a diamond concrete cutting specialist company to undertake the job. Which alternative seems more suitable for you?

Without further ado, let’s check out a rundown of some most common concrete cutting projects and the most widely used tools as well as techniques involved.

Diamond blades are worth an investment

Typically, diamond blade comprises of a metal blade with diamond segments on the periphery. The metal bond gets worn out as the blade starts the cutting process, exposing the abrasive diamond composites of the periphery.

Buying diamond blades for a standard circular saw may seems like a huge investment, however they will outshine all other abrasive type blades. So, it is guaranteed that your investment will pay off, particularly when you need to cut through a lot of concrete material.

Here are two main categories of diamond blades available out there.

  • Wet cutting blades – These blades are either having a smooth periphery or teeth. They are operated along with water source that help blades to cool down and control the dust at the work site. These blades deliver cleanest and fastest cuts. But it demands more attention to ensure safety at the site as the water if come in contact to any electrical wiring can lead to a big accident.
  • Dry cutting blades – They mostly comprise of a toothed rim that enable cooling while the blade is in use and throw away waste. They are ideal to work with if you have multiple deep cuts to make through without damaging them due to overheating.

Diamond blades are indeed the best way to cut and drill through concrete, stones, brick or any other hard materials. They are the most recommended tools by the concrete contractors and engineers as well.

There are numerous things to take into account in diamond concrete cutting right from the selection of the blade and choosing the most effective technique to ensuring safety at the site. So, make sure you hire the right diamond cutting company with great expertise into the niche.

About The Author:

Daniel Aaric is a diamond wire cutting and drilling specialist with more than 16 years of experience in the industry. Whenever free, he shares industry insights with his readers.


Erin Emanuel


  1. Thanks for the information. Any attempts I have made in the past to remove concrete have failed. From your article, it sounds like I would be much better off hiring someone with a diamond blade. How long does a diamond blade last?

  2. Erin,
    Thanks for the post about concrete cutting. Your suggestion that diamond blades are a good investment is interesting. i like how you explain the merits of the blade as well as the drawback that it will wear out. I didn’t know about the different wet and dry cutting blades. Thanks for the info. We will keep that in mind for future projects.

  3. It sounds like cutting concrete is really hard, even with the fancier sawing machine. What would you need to cut concrete for, anyways? I would try and avoid cutting concrete if possible, because I’m sure it’s a hard job.

  4. Thanks for the tips! I was wondering what kind of blades I should use for cutting my concrete, so it’s good to know more about my choices. It seems like wet cutting blades are exactly what I’m looking for after reading through the information. Sure, they may need more attention so that I can safely handle them, but being able to get clean and fast cuts is exactly what I need.

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  7. Great article, Erin! I think you’re absolutely right: when cutting concrete, diamond blades are worth the investment. It’s extremely important that you have the right equipment to accurately cut the concrete. I’ve been thinking about cutting some concrete in my driveway, so I’ll be sure to hire the help of a professional! Thanks for sharing this with us—it’s been very informative!

  8. I think it is interesting that diamonds are used to cut concrete! It is cool to learn that there are wet and dry blades, I didn’t know that before. Reading this was very enjoyable, I learned quite a bit. Thanks for the information!

  9. I am so relieved to finally see some input on concrete cutting. My friend recently set some tile in his house and we are both novices. So not knowing anything we went for the diamond blade and I’m so happy we did. I’m glad it’s also the one recommended by contractors. I definitely know what to do the next time a project comes up.

  10. Diamond blades are fairly expensive, but you’re right. They are worth the investment. My friend works for a contracting company that does a lot of concrete cutting. He said when they got the new diamond blades, the work was a lot more efficient and a lot safer. Great share, thanks for the tips!

  11. We are going to be tearing up our back patio in a few days, and I just wanted to make sure that I’m prepared to rip up all the concrete. We are renting the equipment, and I’ll make sure to see that we get a diamond blade, that includes a wet cutting blade. There is mainly one cut that we need to make sure is delivered clean and smooth. Thanks for sharing this information with me!

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