Go Green: Re-Modeling Tips to Make Your Condo Eco-Friendly

Green living does a lot of good in protecting the earth against possible extinction. If you just happen to move in to a new condo, chances are that one of your primary goals is to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

As a new resident in your property, you may find that acquiring and maintaining a green friendly lifestyle is challenging in the first few months. You’ll need a lot of ounce of resourcefulness and knowledge to successfully transition into a better life in your new home.

Start living the kind of life you’ve set out for yourself and your family to have. Transform your condo into a sustainable retreat where everything organic is visible and felt.

condo remodeling tips


Build Vapor Barriers in Walls

Build vapor barriers within the interiors of your unit’s walls while you’re in the process of renovating the other parts of your condo. Vapor barriers make excellent eco-friendly home investments on a permanent basis.

To maximize best results, enlist the services of a professional condo renovator to successfully attach the vapor barriers in your wall interiors. Remind a specialist to also attach mechanical ventilation equipment in your walls, in addition to the vapor barriers. This equipment produces excellent quality of indoor air. Moreover, mechanical ventilation also kills toxic pollutants within the premises of your condo unit.

For your information, sufficient amount of natural ventilation inside your condo minimizes power source depletion in the long run also.

Replace Traditional Air Conditioners with Energy Friendly Ones

Replace the furnished traditional air conditioners with energy friendly ones if you’ve purchased or leased a furnished condo. Ideally, it’ll be best to purchase energy efficient A/C’s that consume fewer power sources than traditional ones for up to 90%. These green-friendly home appliances produce less radiation levels than their traditional counterparts. Before you know it, these earth saving A/C’s will let you save substantial amount of money when paying for electricity bills, as well.

Reclaimed Wood Saves the Earth and Pretties up Your Condo

Environmentally friendly reclaimed wood is the best furnishings for kitchen counter tops, floor areas and walls. Don’t hesitate to remodel a condo that’s been resold to transform it into an eco-friendly home. Replace aging kitchen countertops wood furnishings available with reclaimed ones.

Enlist your significant other’s help if you find the remodeling task as something of a manly job!

Repaint or Reface, But Avoid Replace!

Leading a frugal lifestyle is one of the keys to saving mother earth. Repaint or reface cabinets, closets and drawers in your condo. Avoid replacing them as much as possible. While you’re at it, go out of your way to extend your condo remodel environmentally friendly efforts. Use only odor-free, green friendly paints to revamp the look and texture of your cabinets or drawers.

Build a Fiberglass Divider inside Your Condo

Hire an independent contractor to build a fiberglass divider inside your new condo before you formally move in to it. This is particularly advisable if you live in a tropical country.

The delicate strips of fiberglass insulate most parts of your condo. This, in turn, keeps heat distribution at minimal levels within the premises.

Care for Some Plants Inside Your Condo and its Accompanying Terrace

Plants never fail to amaze people as to how they uphold good air quality within any home’s premises. Condos are no exception in this regard.

Prior to moving in to your condo, buy only the plants that you’ll need in your eco-friendly home. To facilitate your shopping experience, purchase multiple plants in one trip. Bedrooms and living rooms are the ideal areas in your condo where the presence of plants best fits. The presence of plants lets you breathe in fresh air as you enjoy a good night’s sleep in a cozy bedroom in your condo. Your plants give you and your guests the privilege of being surrounded by clean indoor air in your condo’s living room.

Use Grass Made Bath Mats

Look for grass made bath mats while you’re out and about shopping for new furniture and appliances for a resold condo. These furnishings contribute in their own ways in producing healthy air within the premises of your bathroom. Breathe in fresh air to keep yourself feeling refreshed and rejuvenated while you’re indulging in a nice warm shower or bath.

Build a Mini Outdoor Playground in Your Condo’s Terrace

Early eco-friendly lifestyles are pertinent to kids’ lives. Be that environmentally friendly parent that your kids can look up to and be proud of. Let your kids look back after a few years, thanking you for bring sustainable lifestyles to their lives, right in your own condo.

A mini terrace playground welcomes your kids with open arms once you move in to your new condo. Invest time and efforts in constructing a condo terrace playground that’ll be your kids’ paradise on a long-term basis.

Earth Saving Kitchen Sinks

Should you choose to revamp your kitchen’s sinks the eco-friendly way, opt for stainless steel or copper recycled furnishings. Or, you can do your share in saving the environment by building kitchen sinks with aerators in your condo. These sinks produce similar water pressure with less quantity than their regular counterparts, thus, conserving water in the long run.

A Sit and Stand Desk Made of Recycled Wood for Your Condo Office

There’s no reason to panic even if you find that sitting in front of a computer for a prolonged period of time is taking its toll on your health. A sit and stand desk made of recycled wood is the only thing that’s missing in your condo office, in case you’re wondering. Avoid any untoward health conditions and protect the environment at the same time as you produce professional outputs, right at the premises of your condo office.

Start at the premises of your very own home if you’d like to make a huge difference in prolonging mother earth’s longevity today. Turn your condo into a home where healthy living and mother earth friendly habits grow in productivities, benefits and usefulness.

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