Truck Hire – Five Considerations Before Deciding To Rent A Truck For Your Move

Moving to a new place can be hard on the budget, especially if you have acquired a lot of stuff over the years and you want to bring them all to your new home. That massive oak dining table, that piano, that hardwood armoire – all these things will be very challenging to transport if you’re inclined to take the DIY route for the move to save money.

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But when it comes to moving on a budget, one of the provisions that will prove to be a great option is truck hire. Hobart professional movers claim that it’s the perfect solution if you wish to move on the cheap, especially if the distance of the place you’re relocating to is not that far off. With a truck, you can transport yourself and all your belongings, no matter how big they are, in one go.

Now, if you’re relocating to a different state or across the country, a truck hire is still a good solution but you will have to consider several things that may pose some problems with regards to your DIY move, and five of them are provided below.

  1. Gas mileage – Long distances naturally will rake in fuel expenses. Gas prices vary across the country and you will likely find yourself stopping at some gas stations that charge higher for refuelling. If you want to keep fuelling costs low, you will have to do the math; buy petrol where it’s cheap and refuel the truck yourself throughout the long journey.
  2. Physical preparedness – If you’re driving a moving truck, it’s definitely not going to be like driving your own pick-up truck. It’s bigger and if you’re not a highly experienced driver, the size and weight of the vehicle may overwhelm you. It’s imperative that you understand how challenging the task would be so you can perhaps exercise or get some practice prior to the long drive.
  3. Insurance – Reading all the terms, conditions and coverage of the insurance will allow you to determine if driving cross-country would be the best decision. Most insurance policies for a truck hire only covers the damage to the vehicle or physical injury to other drivers and passengers if you meet an accident; it wouldn’t cover the safety of your belongings during the transit.
  4. Space constraints – Naturally, you wouldn’t want to rent a truck that’s bigger than necessary because it would definitely cost more, but you wouldn’t want to rent a small truck either if you have a lot of belongings to transport for this may require you to make a double trip. Take time to study how all your requirements would “fit.”
  5. Special arrangements – Look into flexible provisions from the moving company; perhaps they offer an arrangement for a truck hire where you take care of the packing then they will handle the transport for you – this will decrease the stress of your DIY move.

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