Contemporary Decorating Made Easy

Home Life, a company featured on “The Hotel Inspector” is bringing simple modern furniture to the forefront. Coming directly from the source, cutting out the middle stores, and reducing cost, the furniture is sure to please the eye, and also your wallet with many orders being shipped for free. So many colours and patterns to choose with other companies, it can be overwhelming and very frustrating. Contemporary furnishings are sometimes too bold and have too much colour for some people. Many companies try to sell outrageous colour choices with loud patterns that take away from the feeling of warmth and comfort you’d want to portray in a home. It is a good idea to have a company on the consumer’s side, knowing that they need something that will be easy to pair and also design around. HomeLife offers a variety of furnishings that provide style and comfort in addition to adding functionality, with the ability to customize and add accessories. Materials used are indigenous of Indonesia and the rainforests of Central Java, including wicker, cane, rattan, pullet, and banana leaf.

Decorating Home


Conservatory Furniture

Conservatory furniture can help enhance your home, the clean and elegant colours and simple patterns of these conservatory furnishings can easily be spruced up with scatter pillows. The angles used in these pieces are fresh and give an inviting message to anyone who walks into your home. Plush cushions envelop you in comfort as you sit and support your body like you were sitting on a cloud. They are accompanied by matching sets which come in 3 or 6 pieces, and are versatile in arrangement which is guaranteed to meet your expectations. Offering advice to fully utilize your living space, HomeLife can help you select the set that is perfect for your home. In addition to having a place to rest your body, HomeLife also has many footstools and coffee tables available that also double as storage. With shelves and hidden storage, these can be the perfect place to hide the magazines, remote controls and other miscellaneous items that can sometimes clutter your conservatory.

Wing Chairs

Home Life offers several wing chairs that can add that needed pop of colour in your home while also adding style and comfort. Coming in a variety of patterns and colours, these chairs add flair to any size room. The sophisticated lines and design of these chairs can certainly provide support while in use. The strong arms are well placed and offer plenty of reinforcement when sitting down or getting up. The size is also great for placing in your home’s entrance, adding the perfect place to stop and take off your shoes, or you can place them beside your fireplace as a great place to lounge on a cool night.

Erin Emanuel