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Kitchen counterparts are put through the ringer on a daily routine, so the wear and tear of your countertops are likely to come fast and furious after a few days of preparing dishes, cutting vegetables, pouring beverages and setting down a boiling hot pot from the stove.

Choosing the best kitchen countertop for your uses and your kitchen can help to mediate that damage, as some counters are more resistant than others and with the wealth of options available to you from the ever-expanding market of kitchen appliances and décor, there is no excuse for not putting the time into choosing the right kitchen countertops for you. Taking into account as many factors as you can, such as the kind of cooking you do, the sharpness of your knives, and even the sorts of dishes you have, can help to specify the perfect kitchen for you.

Kitchen countertops

Lacking that, there are numerous designers who will be happy to lend you their services and expertise…

  • Although granite countertops are the most common kind, they are not your only option. Granite has become a popular and mainstream choice for countertops because their durability is second only to diamonds and their natural formations lend each countertop its own unique pattern and hue, but they do not handle heat as well as other materials. Granite has also become the subject of radiation concerns over the levels released by certain types of granite.
  • More discerning consumers can look elsewhere, across ranges of marble counters or soapstone counters, the latter of which is particularly heat resistant, and similarly resistant to acidic and chemical damage. Marble has become its own timeless implement, at once a symbol of status and style, and the preferred counter of choice for baking. But there are downsides to every material. Marble countertops carry hefty price tags. Soapstone counters, while resistant to several kitchen accidents, are not resistant to cuts, and are likely to scratch easier than other countertops.
  • Another alternative is a ceramic countertop. Ceramic tiles have gained the status of style as marble, and are vastly more affordable. There are countless assortments of tiles consumers can choose from, mixing and matching colors, sizes and sorts to give your kitchen a stand-out appearance. Due to the nature of tiling, homeowners can even install tiled countertops themselves, which isn’t even an option when concerning countertops made of granite, marble or soapstone. But downside of tiled countertops also comes from the nature of tiling, because tiles tend to accrue grout that will be susceptible to staining and discoloration around the chemicals, dyes and liquids of the kitchen. Luckily the accumulation of grout is an easy build up to clean, so long as homeowners take the extra minutes it takes to keep their tiled countertop in mint condition.

While ceramic tiles present a chance for innovation, true connoisseurs of personalization can explore custom concrete materials for their countertops. Concrete combines the durability of granite with the heat resistance of soapstone, and customized concrete counters are drastically less expensive than the customized competition.

Concrete countertops are also desirable alternatives for the environmentally conscious homeowner, because the concrete of the countertops are often mixed with waste – a process that helps durability and recycles at the same time.

Concrete countertops do not scratch, do not damage under heat, and an added sealant can make even them non porous. Combined with customizable options, concrete countertops can be molded to suit homeowner fancies. The potential for homeowner creativity is endless. Concrete countertops can even be molded into personal shapes and symbols, recreating the everyday kitchen with personal significance.

The perfect countertop is waiting. Regardless of your budget or aesthetic sensibility, your match awaits you somewhere in the wide world of kitchen countertops.

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Alexander Smith is a home improvement genius and writes articles and blogs on all home related solutions.

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  1. Thank you so much for this information! I have been looking into granite kitchen countertops and this article has given me so much helpful information! I have learned so much.

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