Secrets to make your living room modern and ultra cozy

We all want to make our homes look stylish, interesting, and sophisticated without breaking the bank. Beautiful interior design appeals to guests and it makes homeowners feel proud. Nowadays, classy decor is not about spending a lot of money on furniture; it’s about using smart ideas and budget-friendly items to make a space look like a million dollars. Here are some secrets to make your living room look modern and super cozy.

modern living room


Placing the sofa in the right spot

Most living rooms are dominated by a huge sofa placed somewhere by the window. In order to add continuity and luminosity to your space, this bulky piece of furniture has to be moved someplace else. The window area must remain uncluttered and unobstructed. You want as much natural light as possible to get inside your living room. Put the couch so that it faces the door. Angle it in a corner, or set it in the middle if your living area is ultra spacious. Back it up with a side table to fill in the gaps and add volume.

Console tables placed behind a couch is yet another smart way of making the living room more inviting. Include art books, lamps and candles on the table and you’ll certainly amaze guests with your original sense of style.

Focal point

A modern living room should have a focal point for guests to gaze at the moment they walk in. A nice fireplace, a cool coffee table, an artistic mirror, or a huge painting should do the trick. Focal points make living rooms look definitive and functional. If you don’t have a big budget available to buy furniture or artwork, you can create your own focal point with oversized decor items. Tall vases, floral arrangements, lamps, and other voluminous decorative accessories will brighten your living room.

cozy living room

Buy an incredible rug

Rugs have the great power of filling up a place. They make living rooms seem both modern and ultra cozy. Choose an eye-catching carpet for your home and invest in shag rugs or carpets made of plush wool. Make guests feel comfortable, and encourage a casual, relaxed vibe by adding floor pillows.

Create balance

For a living room to feel cozy, it has to look balanced. Pay close attention to color combos and accessories. Mirrors and glass tables add more natural light while tall plants and wall art make a living room seem sophisticated and chic, as for the decor stick to nuances in similar palettes. Pastels are in trend this summer, and so are stripes and polka dots. If you can afford to invest in designer furniture pieces, do it the smart way. Mix modern styles with vintage influences, and give your living room a unique feeling.

Soften your space with accessories. Oversized pillows, cushions, and blankets make living rooms seem cozy and comfortable. Lighting matters a lot, too. Rather than purchase a single high-voltage ceiling lamp, you should use a mix of table, ceiling, and wall lamps to light up the entire room without making it feel too bright.

designer furniture

Stay organized

Nobody likes to walk in a living room and stumble upon all kinds of things that don’t make any sense. Sometimes too many accessories, too many styles, and too many furniture items can clutter your space. Less is more in interior design; hidden storage spaces, shelving units, and baskets are excellent organizational tools you can use to keep things neat and clean.

Adding too many elements into a living room makes guests feel like they’re suffocating. Placing a lot of paintings on the walls and displaying too many photos of your family can stifle the comfortable feeling you’re trying to create. Remove unnecessary accessories and decorative items and keep it simple.

The minimalist style is extremely appreciated nowadays. It is characterized by simple, linear design furniture, nude colors, and single focal points meant to add class and sophistication to a home. To give your living room a minimalist feel, you have to learn to make smart decisions. Discreet accents, nice details, and structural decorations are highly recommended. Get your inspiration from the web, ask for advice, and settle on a budget prior to starting a redecorating project for your living room. Focus on the end result and use your imagination to make your space seem special.

Erin Emanuel