The Craziest Beds Ever Designed

When it comes to that place that we like to call ‘bed,’ we all have an opinion. Some people like them grand and vast enough to roll around in, whilst others prefer to keep things modest. There are people who like to sleep up high in bunk beds and treetop style hammocks and divans. There are other people who can’t sleep a wink if they’re not gently floating on a bed made out of goose down or even water. Where you like to sleep will entirely depend on the type of person that you are.


‘Bed’ is such a diverse and complex place, a place that means something different to everyone. It’s a truth that the industry hasn’t failed to pick up on and there are thousands of mind blowing bed designs currently on the market, say the experts at Would you sleep in a coffin shaped bed? What about a bed that was swinging from the ceiling? Here’s a guide to some of the craziest beds ever designed.

Magnetic Floating Bed

Unbelievably, this is exactly what it sounds like. Two industrial strength magnets are set opposite one another – one on the ceiling and one on the floor. This floating bed uses these magnets to remain permanently suspended in mid air. This bed itself is rather simple, with a basic oblong design and strong cables to make sure that it doesn’t wobble when you sit or lie on it, says It can safely support up to 900 kilograms of weight, so it’s a rather impressive bit of kit. It might not look fancy, but it’s bound to elicit more than a few gasps  when your friends come round.

Nicodemus Casket Bed

Again, this bed is pretty much exactly what you’d expect it to be – only this time with the added bonus that you can genuinely use it as a coffin after you die. Some people are bound to find this extremely strange, but there are lots of other people who are very fond of the idea. Beds like this one are very popular in rural parts of Asia, where money and space is scarce. It comes with a six inch mattress and is reportedly very comfortable.

Vertical Bed

Image Credit: SS_Stevens_room

This has to be a contender for the strangest bed ever created, say the experts at Love Furniture. It’s a giant, life size cushion that is designed for freestanding sleep. So, if you’ve always kind of hated having to lie down to sleep – this could be the perfect bed for you. To be honest, the way the cushioned material folds close around the face looks just a little bit claustrophobic. Nevertheless, there’s surely somebody out there who’d find sleeping on a giant, vertical cushion rather appealing.

RUF Cinema Bed

The RUF cinema bed is the type of bed that most of us would instantly go out and buy if we won the lottery. You can keep your arty farty design beds, it’s all about indulgence – especially when it comes to sleep. You can fit your video game consoles, DVD player, Blu Ray player and sound system in the surround of this bed. Plus, it has its own rather impressive cinema projection screen hidden in its base. With just one click of a button, this projection screen slides out and provides you with the perfect viewing experience. The only time you’ll have to get out of bed is to top up the popcorn bowl.

Author Bio: Nate Anderson is a design and technology graduate. He recommends Balgores Property to help you sell your home.  He’s also recommending decorating your bedroom well as it will help you with any sale. He can usually be found reading his favorite design magazine or planning his next big project.

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