How to Create a Cosy Interior in your Dormitory?

Autumn is sometimes quite depressing. To cheer up, take your time to design a room that will make your living in college more comfortable. Some people are lucky to enjoy the best student housing designs, and the other can help themselves. Cute dorm rooms are the shelter where you escape the melancholy of autumn. Planning is the key. It is better to talk to your roommate about your plans to make sure everybody will be happy with the changes.

best student housing designs

There is not so much space in the dorms. So, though you might consider taking your favorite chair or shelves with to feel at home, think twice. If you are going to buy furniture pieces, find something multifunctional. Use storage bins, baskets, and boxes. You can get designers’ organizers from some online or offline shops or make them by yourself. It’s cheaper to buy plain boxes and customise them with paint, stickers, etc. Sew a door rack to store shoes or scarves.

best student housing designs

Dormitory comes from Dormitorium – a word of Latin origin meaning sleeping place. Surely, the bed is one of the central phenomena in the life of the student; it is like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. So pay attention to your bed. Buy nice bed-clothes and a bedspread. A bright spot against the white wall may be a great decision itself and create the nice atmosphere. Throw pillows on the bed and transform it to the couch for daytime.

Use the space under the bed to place storage boxes. If they look not that great in your room design, long bed-skirt can conceal them.

best student housing designs

Books can ruin the comfort when put in huge piles that lean like the Tower of Pisa or thrown everywhere on the floor. But if you place them smartly on the fancy bookshelves, they will bring the learning spirit to the room. You can use your favorite subject elements as a design motif. Decorate rooms with vintage maps of aged paper, math or physics formulae in beautiful handwriting, coding samples or classics citations. You can make custom decals or print it and stick with dorm tape, or create a tapestry of the old sheet with special fabric paints. Use drawers or trays to keep the clutter under control. If it is not enough to inspire you to write brilliant essays, the Australian essay writing service will help.

best student housing designs


Divider Board/Folding Screen

Sometimes, we need some private space in the dorm. The easy and stylish way to get is a divider. Your roommate might also appreciate this idea. You can order it or make it by yourself and finalize it with your favourite pictures painted, printed or even embroidered on it.


The mirror has become something utilitarian in modern design. Recently, there is a trend to bring them back to be the decorative elements, so try and follow it. The mirror brightens up the room, visible enlarges space; it adds the play of light and reminds you to smile to yourself more often. You can place little mirrors different shapes and sizes on the walls and even stick them to the ceiling.


The rug will not only warm up the cold floor but also add a feeling of cosiness, and help to balance the room color scheme.

Living plants

They will bring natural calmness and spring mood. You can grow a vertical garden even in a small space, maybe, even cultivate fresh herbs for yourself. If you think that watering flowers every day is too tiresome, pick up some succulents. We don’t consider artificial plants. You know, a real girlfriend is nothing like the rubber one, and the stuffed animals are not like the real kittens or puppies. I don’t say some of them are better than the others. They are just different and serve different purpose. Well, if your artificial plant is a stylised artwork, not a cheap plastic forgery, it is great. But it comes in the next paragraph.


Bring some knickknacks from home, start a collection, or acquire some really inspiring pieces of Art. You can also try and make it yourself.

Erin Emanuel


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