Create a joyous friendly atmosphere at home with your beautiful garden

Beyond anything, what really make a home a place to live are the people that live in it. Creating memories and sharing experiences is what turns a house into a home. Of course, one the most prominent features of your house could very well be the garden. It’s where the whole family comes together and, depending on the weather, spends a lot of time at.

The garden is where you and your family have sunny afternoons with a barbeque and cold winter evenings with a hot cup of coffee.


Have morning tea with the family

Cheering up the garden with a little family time is never a bad idea. Try to get everyone together to start having lunch or snacks or tea in the garden. The time you spend bonding in the garden will help you realize the value of the fresh air and clean open space in your backyard.

Playing with kids

There are plenty of items you can buy to install in the backyard garden that will help you kids play and be occupied for the whole day. A garden in a house with a playground could be every kid’s fantasy and is just the thing you need if you have the space and young enough kids. Join them in play and get them to learn new games. Families that play together have a closer relationship and are much more comfortable sharing things with one another.

Playing with the pets

Gardens could also be the perfect thing for pets at home. Whether you have dogs or cats at home, you can always find a way to make the garden a bit more comfortable for them. Toys and exercise machines for the pets are available from stores and you can use them to create a pet-friendly environment at home. Plus, the exercise pets get outdoors is hugely beneficial for their health.

Walking in the garden

Taking a walk is scientifically proven to be the single best exercise your body could get. Now walking outside is, of course, much better than striding around in your living room, so try to make your garden walker friendly. Make the pathways much wider on either side of the garden and see if you have enough of space to move around. Encourage the family to walk around the park whenever they can. Also, grow some grass if the weather permits. Nothing beats walking barefoot on the grass in the mornings.


Breathing and movement are integral to practicing yoga, and what you can do is create an environment that will help you stay calm and breathe deeply as you go from pose to pose. A clean, flat surface and a yoga mat is all you need for this wonderfully ancient form of exercise.


Yoga doesn’t have to be the only exercise you get. If you are more into aerobics, Pilates, weight lifting or running, you can get the right equipment and get started right in your garden. Essentially, it costs nothing to get a workout in the house, but if you have a garden the fresh air will help you in a whole host of ways.

Patios and decks

The main focus in your garden should ideally be the amount of elbow room and space you have to entertain guests. Nothing creates a joyous environment at home like a place in the garden to eat food and relax. Consider how many people you have over to the house on a regular basis and just how much space is needed for everyone. If there is at least a couple square feet per person in the patio area, you can start developing it with furniture.

For the Feet

Paving’s and pathways are essential if you are going to go around the garden and move freely. Keep wide pathways to allow for walks but you can also pay attention to the paver blocks used in each path to make sure it has enough of strength and quality materials to provide support to your feet. Taking care with the materials is even more important if you live somewhere with bad weather. Rain and snow can make most pathways slippery and dangerous and you want to avoid this at all costs. Preferably use gravel.


High archways and pergolas could be great for making your garden more useable. Because you are dealing with outdoor structures you can go a little bit higher than your doorways indoors and take advantage of some pretty creative ways to get some shade. Perhaps a small yoga canopy right in the center, if you have the space for it. Objects tend to look a bit smaller in wide open spaces so you can take advantage of this and build much bigger.

Erin Emanuel