How to create a minimalist kitchen

If you are planning to redo your kitchen, you may have had all sorts of ideas going through your mind. There are always different trends being spotted based on what the home magazines report and what ideas people are sharing with their friends – with one of the key trends being minimalist kitchens, complete with Corian worktops and hidden appliances. Check out the steps below to achieve this look for yourself.


Tidy everything

The key to nailing this trend is to make sure everything looks immaculate. When you go for a farmhouse style kitchen, it’s okay for there to be a bit of mess and things left lying around because it forms part of the look. However, when you want to create the minimalist look, you need to ensure the space is completely free of any clutter whatsoever. This involves cleaning up any general mess but also going one step further.

The look above is one that you might want to try and achieve in your kitchen. Note that there isn’t a kettle or toaster lying on the worktops and no other clutter on show. Everything is kept hidden away and out of view until it is needed.

Colourful thoughts

If you want to achieve a great minimalist style kitchen, you need to think carefully about the colours you use. Many people think this means everything needs to be brushed metal or patent black but this isn’t necessarily the case. While it isn’t the best idea to start splashing lots of different colours around, you can certainly add one key colour. If you do decide to add something different, make sure the majority of the kitchen is white and you use the colour as a feature instead of an all over theme. As in the picture above, have a feature wall or bright accessories to set off the starkness of the white.

Throw out appliances

Chances are, when you go through your cupboards and take everything off of your worktops, you’ll probably find that you have a lot of different appliances that you might not really need. Go through them and decide which ones you really need then commit to getting rid of the others. Do you really need a popcorn machine that you haven’t used in three years? Be realistic about your appliances – and don’t feel like you have to throw away things you do use just because they look unsightly. You will probably find space in your cupboards to store them anyway.

Spring clean

This is probably one of the most dull parts of redoing your kitchen to create the minimalist look but it is still important. Go through all of the cupboards, the fridge and the freezer and sort everything out. Not only do all storage spaces need a good clean, they also need to be organised logically. Buy drawer tidies to keep things separate and try getting cupboard carousels to store your larger utensils in a useful and logical way. If everything is sparkling and clean, the kitchen will automatically look neater and more minimalist straight away.

Author Bio: Mellisa Lawrence is an interior designer and a home décor enthusiast. She has written about a variety of granite worktops, kitchen accessories and modern appliances. Melissa’s latest activities include collecting reviews from homemakers interested in kitchen refurbishment and restoration.

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