Create More Space in a Small Room

There are millions of Americans who have too much stuff and not enough place to put it all. Due to the recession, many families have been forced to move or downsize and are moving all of their possessions with them. This is causing a problem because the new residences are smaller than the previous living spaces so there is less room to put all of the belongings. Finding storage space in a smaller residence can be difficult but a well thought out plan can uncover hidden storage in a new residence. Below are innovative tips to uncovering extra storage space in a smaller residence.

Make Use of Furniture


Most furniture can be used to serve a double purpose.A side table for instance, is useful and can also be used to store items in the drawers. A bed skirt can hide belongings under the bed and an entertainment center with doors and drawers can be a great use of storage space.

Use Disposable Food Containers

Use disposable food containers for storage of smaller items. A margarine container can store small kitchen items, glass jelly containers can store utensils and pasta boxes can storage kid’s crayons or markers. Anything plastic can be used to store pens, pencils, paintbrushes or sewing items.

Maximize Closet Space

Add hooks to closet doors in order to hang belts, ties or shoes. Shelf organizers and dividers will keep things neat and organized. Be sure everything in your closet is there for a reason and there for the season. Store out of season items on the top shelf or in storage bins under the bed (hidden by the bed skirts). Summer items can stay within reach during the summer but should be replaced when the cold, winter months come along.

Get the Most out of Kitchen Space


The kitchen is one place you do not want to be cluttered. Having to move mail, kid’s toys or power tools prior to cooking dinner is a waste and hassle. Use hooks or hanging pot racks for pots. Hooks can also be used for storing larger utensils, items for a grill and oven mitts. A shoe rack can also serve as a makeshift spice rack or a place to hold pans if your cabinets are full.

Use the Walls

Keep items off the floor and create a more open room by using racks or shelving. Add shelving in closets or in the basement in order to maximize the extra space which is out of sight. Shelving in closets is particularly useful as it is out of sight from guests and can typically hold a good amount of belongings.

Change Wall Colors

Ask any interior designer and they will tell you, dark walls make a room look small. Consider changing the wall color or adding mirrors to reflect as much light as possible. Moving furniture from the walls to the middle of the room can give the feeling of a larger space as well. Enhance the room by adding plants to freshen the room and tie they outside to the inside space, thus creating more depth.

Take Away

Careful planning and some creativity can turn a cluttered, small living space into a spacious residence. The above tips should be enough to de-clutter the small living space many residents are now facing. If more room is needed, a convenient, affordable option is a self storage unit. Storage units are inexpensive and can be found in nearly every urban area. Though self storage is cheap and easy, accumulating an additional expense when other free options are available should be a last resort.

Author Bio: Brian Barwig is the SEO/SEM manager and Blogger at Self Storage Finders, the nationwide self storage comparison engine where consumers can research, analyze and rent self storage units online or by phone.

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