5 Ideas for Creating the Perfect His and Hers Bathroom

bathroom-remodelA “his” and “hers” style bathroom really simplifies things for the couple that lives together, especially at those times when they both need to use it for something. This may happen due to sharing of schedules, and the perfect solution to keep the peace would be the creation of a “his” and “hers” bathroom. The following are five ideas that will help create a beautifully functional bathroom for the couple that has to share one. This would mean that the bathroom takes care of his needs as well as her needs without the arise of any conflict.

Room Size Consideration

To be able to come up with the perfect design for your bathroom, carefully consider the size of the room. If your bathroom is not big enough to include both a double set of sinks in front of a huge mirror, as well as the setup for two people to shower at once, then a little expansion would have a significant impact. It would be important to avoid overloading the bathroom. A room that is 48 inches wide can really do, and it leaves you with enough space to keep the toilet in a corner so that you can achieve some privacy.

Explaining Your Needs to the Designer

A designer will be able to help you create the perfect bathroom if he understands what your needs are. Take the time to discuss your needs in great detail. This will help him acquire all the necessary information to create a beautiful masterpiece that will accommodate the routines of both of you. You need to make sure the design of your bathroom meets both you and your partner’s personal needs but is not cluttered. Explain all the shortcomings of your current bathroom, and then touch on what you would want to see in the improved version.

Choosing The Right Materials

Decide what materials you want to use. You can choose from granite countertops, stone flooring and quartz to marble to be able to achieve the ideal look for your bathroom. You may decide to use porcelain tiles, which have quite an appeal but are inexpensive. You can always find good quality, appealing materials that are in line with your budget, but you will have to take the time to search and choose wisely.

Get It Done Right

While trying to create the perfect his and hers bathroom, you will come across a bunch of new products and styles. The most important thing is to make sure you have experts like Amyotte’s Plumbing & Heating Ltd. in California to see that everything is installed and working correctly. The following is a list of bathroom ideas to get your imagination running:

  • Side-by-side bathtubs
  • Double sinks and vanities
  • Double toilets
  • Double showers
  • Additional plugs
  • An extra towel rack

After you have considered your needs, designs, materials and budget, you can start out right by calling in a contractor who you trust to help you create the bathroom of your dreams. Get one whose portfolio of previous projects both you and your spouse admire.

Erin Emanuel