Perfect Porch: How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Room

Whether you’re working on a custom built home or doing a renovation, adding a porch is a wonderful option. It gives you a place to unwind, enjoy nature, and even entertain guests. A porch is great for any season and you can have it covered, open, small or large. Here are a few things to consider when planning your perfect outdoor room. Use your creativity to get the place you’ll want to relax in all year long.

creating the perfect outdoor space


Consider whether you’ll want a comfy place to kick up your feet and have a beer, or if you want furniture that can withstand a lot of company. Will you opt for plastic, wood, wicker or metal? And don’t be afraid to rule out hammocks – they’re a delightful place to nap! It’s also important to make sure you use furniture rated for outdoor use or you’ll be replacing it quickly and often. Arrange them so you can enjoy all the different views of the yard and garden.


Porches are great in the evenings too. And since you won’t have the convenience of the sun, you’ll want to consider lighting sources. Candles and fireplaces help create a romantic atmosphere, while overhead lighting allows you to read or play cards on summer nights. Solar lights are a great option because they come in so many shapes and sizes and will stay lit as long as you get some sun. But according to an Orillia custom home builder, they don’t put out a lot of light, though, so plan accordingly.


Every porch needs a point of interest – a place to direct your attention and which everything is centered around. Whether this is outside your porch (a statue or element of nature) or on it (a fireplace or television) make sure you can see it from all seats. Just like your indoor rooms, you want the focus to give that special detail to the room.


In the city it’s nice to have a place away from prying eyes. This can easily be accomplished with the use of shrubs and planters. You can also add hanging plants or lanterns, flower boxes, a decorative trellis, shutters, or a curtain made with outdoor rated fabric. Be creative when it comes to sectioning off space. You may even want to consider major renovations in Orillia to really give your porch that extra edging.


Now that you’ve covered your basics, you can get into all the extras that make your porch unique. Think about what you’ll use your porch for most and then make sure everything you’ll need for it is at your fingertips. Will you choose flowers, art work, a cart to hold drinks, end tables, a stereo, television, radio, jukebox, etc.? Your possibilities are endless.

Remember, your porch doesn’t have to adhere to any rules, and should be a reflection of you. So dig deep and be creative, and you’ll end up with your perfect getaway right outside your door.

Erin Emanuel