Flowers in the Concrete: Creating Your Own Urban Garden

Leafy green plants and fragrant flowers have an incredible ability to freshen up any outdoor space, and produce a beautiful sanctuary. Suburbanites aren’t the only ones who get a yard, those who live in apartments or townhomes in city areas can have the garden of their dreams as well. Urban gardening is actually quite simple. Check out these popular trends and helpful tips for aspiring metropolis gardeners.

Urban Garden


Gardening with Containers

If your outdoor space is somewhat limited, containers provide the ideal solution for growing fresh herbs, flowers, and even vegetables without ever touching the ground. Begin with one or two and increase as you gain more experience. To prevent over-watering, use gardening containers that can easily drain out the bottom.

Mix it Up

As you create your urban garden, don’t worry too much about how you mix different kinds of plants together in one container. In order to achieve an effortless, and colorful bouquet, mix and match various colors and styles for a unique look. Lovely, fragrant flowers like geraniums and petunias will complement any planter.

DIY Gardening Planters

Any experienced gardener knows how expensive materials can be, but thankfully there are many ways to make your own DIY containers. Mason jars are especially popular for planting small flowers and herbs. Want to create your own stacked garden or living wall? Those old wooden industrial pallets can easily be used for just such purposes. The possibilities are infinite.

Layer Your Plants to Save Space

Not much ground space to work with? No problem. You can simply layer your gardens to use the least amount of space as possible. Try elegantly stacking your containers on different shelves. According to Marylhurst University sustainable development masters programs, vertical gardening and farming only requires the right set up for good roots. Hanging baskets make a great touch for small spaces, and using beautiful hanging flowers like fuchsia can make a striking visual impact.

Last Minute Gardening Tips

If gardening is a new concept for you, here’s a bit of advice: Be sure to always use a high-grade potting soil in your containers since their full of vital nutrients that your plants require. If you’re not sure how to fertilize, ask a gardening professional at the garden center for advice on what plants need certain fertilizers. Also, don’t forget to regularly water your plants, but be careful not to water them too much or they may rot or wilt the leaves. Take care of noticing where the sun is shining. Some plants thrive best in full sun, while others do better in the shade. If your yard or patio is mostly in the shade, that’s not a problem since there are numerous plants that do just fine, and thrive beautifully even in shady spots.

Living in an urban area doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice having a yard or beautiful plants. Use what limited space you have combined with some ideas for small space gardening. Once you have a plan in place, the actual planting an care can be very easy.

Erin Emanuel