Creative ways to reuse Cardboard Boxes

A cardboard box is more than a box. As cardboard doesn’t lose its usefulness once the box have used or packages have been opened. Apart from recycling cardboard, you can use the boxes in many creative ways.

Do you believe in Zero Waste Lifestyle? If yes, then why not you try these creative ways to reuse a cardboard box that comes with your brand new shoes or any other thing you buy. Mostly package item that you take home comes covered in some type of cardboard; whether its food item, a brand new appliance for home or office, toy for children and many more things.

It is very important for the sake of environment to prioritize reusing before recycling. Here are some ways you can use a cardboard box while padding a parcel, shipping something, craft making, moving furniture, packing for a move and many more. Check this infographic below to learn more about it.


Erin Emanuel