Crown Molding

Today, crown molding is used as a decorative element, However, at first, its main reason was for practicality; cleaning the region where the wall and the ceiling meet. But with time, it has turned to a decorative element. It levels and smooths the transition between the wall and the ceiling by defining the room’s architectural style. Moreover, crown molding is still used to finish fireplaces, built-ins, and even the cabinets. Once you do it perfectly, crown molding lifts the space and draws your eyes magically that you feel like the ceiling way higher.

There are a countless number of crown molding catalogs that comes in different styles and designs for different architectural flairs. Some are fancy than others while others are more qualified than others. Examples of the moldings include Classic Colonial, arts and craft. Today, it is not possible to determine the most trending crown molding. But the most common types of crown molding include the wood, flex, and peel and stick. Nevertheless, do not forget to choose a similar molding color to that of your walls or a matching color pattern to ensure everything falls in place at the end.

Benefits of crown moldingĀ 

Increase the value of the property; installing crown molding finishes in your houses adds a bit of luxury and elegance which raises the value of the house. However, you must ensure you select a style in line with your house style. Another benefit is that it brings in an elegant finish in the room, no matter the crown molding style you select, space will be enhanced. Moreover, it gives you various widths to use in any type of house in any size or shape. Do not forget there are countless styles in the market.

If you move to a new place whose moldings do not please you, you can always remove and create another one of your dreams. The only disadvantage is that it involves a lot of work but it is surely possible.

Erin Emanuel